Mega Star Artist Chantman Drops Hit Single “Sa Mweh Vlay”

The Caribbean sound is mashing up the airways all over the world. Reggae style music has become one of the most popular genres of music internationally. Here to bring a new flavor of tropical hip-hop is Chantman.

Born in St. Martin and raised in Dominica, Chantman has an authentic island sound. His music cannot be categorized with other Caribbean musicians because it has it’s own identity. It’s a well-balanced blend . . . half reggae – half hip-hop. Unique and undeniably catchy, he intertwines two cultures into one using a smooth, melodic flow.

With influencers such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Wyclef JeanJay-Z, Curren$y, James Brown, and Nasio Fountaine, Chantman devised his own distinct sound. As a child growing up in the islands, he sang in the school choir. Like others his age, he expected his voice to change, but what he got was unexpected. His tone was raspy and raw, making it difficult to sing in his soprano octave. Unsure what to do with this new sound, he was almost ready to give up. Then one day he heard the talented Skinny Bonton, aka Shadow Flow, and became inspired. This successful artist had a similar voice. Chantman knew right then and there, he could make his special sound work.

Once he had a plan, it was immediately put into action. He studied reggae music and would perform, entertaining his peers. Working profusely, he perfected his own style and earned the name Chantman, signifying his ability to “chant” articulately over a track. The influence of hip-hop dripped all over his tone.

Check out Chantman’s new single  “Sa Mweh Vlay” below.

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