Meet “Who You Need To Know Break Out Artist” Roderick Vonn

Soul samples and G-funk, dripped and draped with a lethargic cool comes together to produce the well-seasoned sound that is Houston hip-hop. With the induction of Roderick Vonn to the amalgamation, listeners vibe on a futuristic wave of synthesized vocals; revel in the nostalgia of lo-fi production, and kick back to his undeniable love for Screw City and the culture. Vonn is irrefutably a Who-You-Need-To-Know break-out artist, and requisite for any stream-worthy playlist. Re-emerging from a ten year hiatus, Vonn satisfies an absence only his unique sequences can fill.

Existing fans can expect his witty brand of consciousness while savoring his sophisticated evolution.  Those not yet in-the-know, will unwittingly play his music on a loop, especially with the release of certified heats,”RUN IT UP” & “THE REFUND CHECK SONG.” Both deft and artful, Vonn skillfully balances charismatic lyricism atop a head bopper, “RUN IT UP,” an unexpected dance track varies from the norm in his catalog and reflects his personal journey of perseverance. “THE REFUND CHECK SONG,” funny and charming, embraces the stigmatized celebration of government reimbursement. Dedicated fandom begins on the initial click for this artist-producer, for listeners here and beyond the Clutch.

Check out “The Refund Check” and “Run It Up” below.

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