Meet The New R&B Queen Of The West Coast “Lummani”

Pasadena, CA native “Lummani” always knew she was destined to shine.
Her love for singing, performing, and the arts were evident since day one.
She recognized her passions at an early age and started perfecting her dreams from that point on.

Her hustling mentality landed her in major music videos, Radio Disney concerts, and much more.

It was the start of a path toward making her dreams come true, leading to countless moving performances of the national anthem for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, and many more.

Each successful moment has only motivated Lummani more, gaining new fans while creating gravitating songs consistently.

Lummani has the look and the sound to compete with those in the top elite positions.

With her new EP titled “Pretty Girl Secrets,”  coming later this summer, she will be sure to prove that she is the new queen of the west coast.

Check out her first single “Born A Queen” below.

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Instagram: @ilovelummani | Twitter: @ilovelummani1  

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