Meet Singer Izzy La Reina: Who Is Bringing a Touch of Latin Magic Into Her Music

Our ability to reach unity in diversity will continue to be the test and beauty of our civilization. Inclusivity is all about figuring out how to walk through this world together. When humanity celebrates and listens to what is both common and different to them, we become wiser and better! Is the music industry ready for inclusivity? Is it ready to bring in other representations to refine the culture of different music genres? Izzy La Reina believes this is possible, and she is already doing it. She is a singer and dancer who has focused her energy to entertain and foster ideals of inclusivity as a creative.

Raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, she is considered to be from the hub of Latino culture in South America. Her music is accompanied by a golden touch of excellence, depicting virtues that Izzy La Reina believes to be
fundamental in improving cohesion in our societies. Unlike other Latino musicians, she is determined to instill a theme of togetherness in all her songs. From the likes of Mellow Man Ace, Fat Joe, Cypress Hill and Jennifer Lopez, we are reminded that there are personalities who have been striving to introduce the Latin culture into the American music dimensions. Indeed, some of them have been successful based on the fame they have acquired over the years, but there is a new generation of Latino artists who want to do more.

Izzy La Reina knows too well that there are Latino cultural aspects that she must sustain regardless of her endeavors. She is striving to introduce these modalities into her songs. Latino culture insists on the importance of family at all levels. Izzy La Reina reiterates that the needs of the family take precedence over her individual needs. The mutual reciprocity is the pillar of stability in families. Izzy La Reina cannot fail to mention how her father guided her to become a disciplined musician. Her family members were always supportive of her cause. As a way of appreciating their efforts, her songs bring out a thematic appeal on the power of these social units. She wants her fans to embrace these ideologies as a means of promoting unity in respective communities.

Izzy La Reina understands that Latino culture is about display of mutual respect. She was raised to appreciate every human being regardless of their differences, and appearance. Latinos have a particular adoration for living in the moment, a reason why entertainment is an important aspect of their lives. A critique of Izzy La Reina’s music proves this affirmation- one can dance to the tune of the songs as the lyrics remind us about the importance of appreciating life. Inclusivity and diversity can be realized if we respected each other, and put more emphasis on the present; these are aspects that Izzy La Reina promotes in her music.

Aside from all this, her songs are still funky and soulful. Coupled with her sexy appeal and emotional stance, she will definitely continue to attract more fans around the world. Stay tuned for Izzy La Reina debut material that scheduled to come out later this year.

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