Meet Musical Prowess, Dynamic Lyrical Flow, Production Enthusiast & Strategic Developer Lia Givenchy

These are just a few characteristics of Lia Givenchy. Lia Givenchy, South American native, Guyana born, Brazil raised, began her musical journey on a small yet well known and prestigious island, Bartica. Her music vision enhanced, upon her arrival into the melting pot of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. She swiftly became no stranger to the music industry elite, penning as a ghostwriter for various signed acts. Bar for Bar, Her sound is rich distinct, plus syncs the tradition and truth motto,  old and new schools alike. 

Photo Credit: Cuemadi The Photographer/Azus Studios

Lia’s modern-day twist to the basic fundamentals of music is designed strictly to captivate the globe’s mass appeal. Music Is Her Middle Name. Lia pays homage, to her favorite artists of All-Time, Ashanti, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Ludacris, just to name a few, she often reminisces, on how much of an impact these artists hold to her craft. Her Benchmarks continue to rise, singles such as “Palm Reader” added to New York’s #1 urban radio station Power 105.1, accompanying performances with the likes of Hip-Hop Legends, Paul Wall, Lil Keke & Lil Flip, proves Ms. Baethoven is #NeverNotWorking! With that very same energy, Was motivated to create her own independent label, Bartica Records Inc.

Bartica Records is Lia’s prized possession as it has allowed her talents to expand, in the newest musical genres, Afro beats, Afro Latina, Compa, dancehall, and Top 40 Rhythmic to solidify her mainstay in the market. With a bright personality, humble aura, and beautiful image, along with above-average musical talent, Lia has ushered many fans across the globe, she’s nonstop in production and is always ready to perform. A storyteller, songstress, and spokeswoman, the world needs to prepare for Lia Givenchy.

Let’s Compose with Ms. Baethoven!

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