Meet Juvie2XX, A Rapper With A Different Type Of Flow

Destin Williams, a.k.a. Juvie 2XX, grew up with music in his blood! His father, who was a musician, had his own home music studio, which is where a young Juvie would hang out, write and record at the age of 5. After all, music was, and still is, his number one passion! 

During his teenage years, things went awry for Juvie — he started hanging out with the wrong crowd, dropped out of high school and soon after that, he ended up behind bars, which is where he also received his GED. Fast forward to a few years later and Juvie was released from jail and focused solely on music. He also wanted to get his family out of poverty. That’s when he knew he had to make it and not only did he spend hours in the studio recording, but he decided to move to LA with his girlfriend and child. 

In 2018, the rapper released his very first mixtape 4 Summers, and a year after that, with 1.8 million streams, he dropped Cornell Baby. Juvie’s sound differs from the rest of the artists. His fans describe it as unique and non-traditional, which can be heard on his latest project, Gift and Curse

Juvie went through so much to get to where he is right now, and he’s well on his way to reaching the top. Determined to change the rap game, this up and coming artist is just getting started. 

Look out for the re-release of his single “LA”on October 19th.

Follow Juvie 2XX on Instagram @thacornellbaby 

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