Meet Indie Rapper Roamin’ AKA Jay-Brew “21 Homes at The Age of 19” He’s Here to Tell His tale

After almost losing his life to the battle against depression in 2018. Jonathan Brewster, who now goes by the name Jay-Brew or his stage name roamin’. Decided to continue living life for the sole purpose of chasing dreams. He says his intention wasn’t to make music initially, it just sort of happened. He’s got quite the story. Follow him at @roaminmusica. Let’s see what he’s got to say.

“In 2018 I went through a break up shortly after starting a much-needed prescription of SSRI’s. I spent the following several months drinking myself into they worst state I have ever been in. The depression caused me to not leave my house for the last 2 years prior to the break up. Which basically destroyed all the friendships that I had. So when the break up happened and I left everything in the house I rented for my daughter, I had nowhere to live in Edmonton. In the end after many very difficult decisions, I wound up on Vancouver Island with a job but I was living in a hostel. I can talk loads about how much fun I had with everyone when I was there but truth be told I was extremely depressed and feeling quite volatile. The only thing keeping me alive was being around all the energy of the travelers. As much as that place kept me alive though, it was killing me at the same time. Lots of people wanted to drink. That mixed with me not being able to say no, it did not end up well. To make things worse I was promised a job that paid $30/hour before I left Winnipeg to drive to Victoria. When I got there, I found out they were going to pay me $21/hour. It was not a good situation for me. When you are this level of depressed, you do not want to be alone. I could not stay sober because I was such a wreck. The reality that I had to face when I was alone and sober was too much to handle. Which caused me to eventually end up living in my car because I would rather be drunk and sleep in my car than be sober and sleep in the hostel. You can definitely say I learned the hard way do not drink and take antidepressants. The day (09/19/18) I woke up in my car after almost committing suicide I felt like I had just survived the craziest thing I had ever been through. I swore to myself that morning that if I’m going to continue living life, I’m doing it for the sole purpose of chasing dreams. I also decided that if I was going to change my life around the only way to get out of this mess I had become was to start studying. When I was 18, I wrote a GED because I didn’t want to do another year and a half in high school. I couldn’t sit still. I worked labor through my twenties and eventually just became a carpenter. Even when I was a carpenter, I didn’t want to go to school lol. I just wanted to be in the field building. I still couldn’t sit still even at the age of 30. Good thing I was getting the pay raises ………before I showed up to Victoria anyways. In 2019 my life took a wild unexpected turn and I experienced something for the first time in my entire life. Zero anxiety while sober. After I had come out of the dark times things started to look up. My anxiety left and I became a completely different person seemingly overnight. My heart stopped racing over little things. I could focus. I wasn’t bothered by little imperfections left, right, and center anymore. My mind was amazingly calm and I began to learn I could actively read body language for the first time in my life. I could now tell if a girl was interested in me by not even looking at her. I was amazed at how calm of a person I had become. I started to study while this was all going on and learned I’m a 90’s student in Pre-calculus and Physics. I was astounded because what I wanted to study, if the air force was going to let me, was Astrophysics. I started a grade 12 physics course with no clue at all what I was even going to be doing. I didn’t know a thing about physics. I finished with 87% overall. One test had a bonus question, I got it right as well as everything else. I scored 106% on that physics test. This is all after having extreme difficulties studying even just a little bit. When it came down to getting the boring English course to finish my grade 12 diploma. I decided that if I’m going to be saying things, I’m going to say the things I want to say. It was right about this time I seen a video about a father and a daughter in Syria pretending bomb noises were just a game. They all laughed when they heard live bombs exploding. It hit home for me because I have a daughter just like he did in the video and roughly the same age too. After that I wanted nothing to do with the forces. It was here that decided I’m going to make a YouTube channel to talk about what life is like with and without severe anxiety and depression because I lived with them for 30 years and didn’t even know it. I bought a mic and phone stand from Amazon to make videos for YouTube in January of 2020. When I went to write my first script it started coming out as lyrics. Seeing how I have a certificate in audio engineering I just went with it. Now one year later I have my 2nd single out and lots more to come that I just haven’t recorded yet. The YouTube videos are yet to come as well.”

Well, there he is ladies and gentleman. What do you think? Is he going to be the next rap star to get signed by a major label? 2021 looks to be very promising for this new artist. He says his goal is to sign Interscope by the end of the year and put out a song with Drake. Very ambitious individual! Good luck Jay-Brew!!

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