Meet Finesse, the London Rapper Making a Name for Himself with his Luring and Dominant Sound

Finesse is someone to watch closely. From his flair on the mic to his tone and wordplay Finesse, is an extraordinary artist. His voice is strong and assertive, providing a sense of melodic aggression that you didn’t know you needed until now! His new track and visual “ITS OK” is out everywhere now. 

Finesse has a sound in this track that is not only memorable but encaptivating. His style and cadence are mesmerizing. Specifically, right before the two-minute mark of the song, the beat breaks down, removing the bass, creating an acapella-type sound where Finesse picks up his flow — producing an insane run and dope lyrical content. Then he stops rapping, and the beat picks up again, creating fluctuations of sound that make the song impressively standout. Finesse says that the track to him is about determination and getting back up again no matter what. 

“I’ve been down bad plenty of times, but I had to brush it off and persevere,” he said in a recent interview. “I’m still here, and I’m still ok. ITS OK. It’s universal. Anyone from any country, anywhere in the world, can sing the hook: ITS OK.

The video for “ITS OK” is assertive and luxurious. The visual for the track is fun, exciting, a bit crass, yet still elegant. The video starts with Finesse escorted to his vehicle in the rain while someone holds an umbrella for him. The whole opening scene reeks power and wealth. 

The video is cut together with fast transitions, videos, and pictures of Finesse and his homies, causing a ruckus juxtaposed to fine slower moments, making the visual imaginative, as some of the frames are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 

The visual for the track is a must-watch and will leave you rewatching over and over, but the melodic hook will have you screaming, “ITS OKAY.”  Finesse truly outdid himself with not only the song but the video as well. Make sure to check for any new or up-and-coming music via his IG @rudeboyfinesse

Check out the visual for his track “ITS OK” below, streaming everywhere now!

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