Meet Christian Phyfier, Indie Music Agent & Digital Marketer, See Why He’s Becoming Popular Amongst Independent Hip Hop Artists

People describe you as a super agent, how did you get to this point? And do you like the title?

You have to remember, I came into the game extremely young. I chose to bypass the typical ways of becoming an industry executive and agent. The long term intern, working as an assistant route was just not my style. So what that meant, is I had to make up for lost education with trial and error. I began developing my resources and connections, my best friend was a videographer, I learned how to build websites, taught myself facebook and youtube ads amongst other versions of advertising and marketing to help build my clients. I stayed ahead of trends, making sure I met influencers the minute a new social media became popular, along with curators and playlisting. Oh, and of course built a film studio that housed everything under one room. Can’t forget that.  But I went against the typical agents mindset, which is to only work with clients that are generating revenue today. I wanted to not only go that route but also be able to develop aspiring talent. 

As far as the title, I am cool with it. Lol I’m not a big fan of titles in general but it is what it is. 

What’s the daily routine of a 32 year old up CEO & mogul? 

A lot of people say successful people have a specific routine, I just think successful people take full advantage of the time they have, regardless of their circumstances. I am not an extremely early riser. I wanted to be but I can’t do it, and I’m not into forcing stuff. I’m a night owl, but still get my 6-8 hours of sleep now, but it wasn’t always like this, it took discipline. I wake around 7:30a and have a rule to not touch my phone until I have eaten, taken my vitamins and gotten ready. Then I workout, whether at home, or at the gym, depending on my schedule. From there, around 11pm, I come into the studio, check the space and the schedule to know who is coming in that day. Look at emails and begin whatever is on my plate. No two days are the same. There is no routine once in the office, it’s whatever is on my to do list. Throughout the day I listen to various audio books. Every night I write down what needs to be done, and create a new to do list for the next day, and add to my weekly and monthly goals. Around 9p, I come home, practice guitar, do spanish & french lessons. Read on what other businesses are doing and pass out around 12 midnight. Really nothing special. Lol 

At what point did you decide you wanted to pursue this path as a career? 

Around 12 years old actually. I can honestly say even through playing baseball, I always knew I wanted to be doing this. My dreams obviously expanded, but the foundation of who I am and what I do comes from meeting a sports agent at 12 who burned an image of what a successful black man looks like, and I never let it go. I would say throughout my entire childhood that I was going to grow up to be a sports and music agent and if you know anything about me, I am mad stubborn.

Is there anything you regret or would change about your career, or the decisions you’ve made to get to this point?  

Not at all, it’s as simple as that. I have failed hundreds of times, lost some of my best friends, passed up on amazing relationships. But I made it here and it all made me enjoy the life I live. Regret would mean that I am ungrateful, and I am so grateful. My foundation is on love, my past doesn’t make me. People make a choice to dwell on their struggles or learn from them, most dwell. I always fought through them taking each learning experience in stride. 

You say there is a big difference between artists making music and making songs, can you describe what you mean? 

Yes, to me anyone can make a song. A song, to me, is merely the act of adding words over sounds. But making music is making an emotional appealing vibration, with lyrics that are made to resonate with listeners. Songs never last long, they may be hot for a moment but they die with a wave. Music lives forever and creates the wave. 

Why do you feel your music and entertainment marketing has become what you are most known for? 

I believe it’s because of the hands on experience most clients receive. Lots of companies sell the services we offer. Type it into google. But we build our relationships directly and vet them for legitimacy. In the independent community it’s nice to have someone you can rely on and hold accountable, rather than just someone behind an email. Also, it’s our strategy meetings. I won’t take a payment from a client who isn’t ready for a service, or I will highly suggest they do not use the service and direct them to where it’s more valuable to their careers. We break down where a client is today, and what they need to focus on to make it to the next level, rather than just paying random amounts hoping to blow. We also pride ourselves in the art of the music business. Everyone is selling how to go viral, how to be famous or blow up, but the truth of the matter is 99% of artists won’t make it that far. So what happens to them? What if you had 5k in bills per month and could make 5k a month from music. That’s freedom, and a goal of mine for each client. Way more realistic. Building a cult-like fanbase that will purchase merch, show up to shows and enjoy your music should be the idea. Everything else is just icing. I encourage and teach my talent how to do this over time. 

So with that said, you have many clients around the world. How do you plan to make them all blow? 

This is where a lot of my clients get my company confused. My goal isn’t to make my clients pop or “blow.” My goals are to help my clients maintain a business. Music is a business, and a lot of artists forget that. I always tell my clients that I want them to get to a place where if they have 5k dollars in bills every month, they are making 6k a month from music. That’s true success, fame is just icing on the cake or for many, ruins the cake entirely. 

So what comes after all this? What’s the next plan? 

Give back, after success comes philanthropy. I have a lot of pride in helping my community. I have big plans that take years and small plans that can be executed today. I developed a site called The Black Dollar ( It’s a free database of black owned businesses. Users can come and geolocate their location, type in what they are looking for, like a restaurant, and it will give you a list of every registered black owned restaurant around you. Super simple. My mind is always thinking about how to leave a legacy and improve the world. To me, my life is meaningless if you’re not helping others.  






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