Meet Charlene Amour, R&B’s Hidden Gem

Charlene Amour, of Scarborough, Canada, is an R&B/Pop artist who bleeds love and vulnerability. Because people today seem to fear their own vulnerability, she strives to show people through her music that it is human to be in tune with yourself and your feelings. With Charlene Amour, what you see is what you get – beauty, love, and rawness.

Growing up, Charlene performed for audiences in malls, at festivals, and every local competition in Canada because her mother believed in her abilities. For that, her mother is one of her biggest motivations to make it in the music industry. She is also motivated by her brother who is also a very talented musician. She is inspired by the work he puts in every single day and is grateful to have two hard working family members in her corner. Although she had this support from the get-go, the Canadian artist shares that there were so many reasons as to what was keeping her from pursuing music seriously. 

Being the raw person that she is, Charlene was open about being scared of being taken advantage of as a woman in the music industry. She was also intimidated by the long journey she had ahead of her as an artist trying to make it big. What changed her mind was tracking royalties for Billboard artists at a publishing company she interned for. She said, “it was inspiring to see that these artists from my city, some who grew up so close to me were really doing this. Everyday I would go into my internship thankful, but wanting more. I realized that the only thing that was stopping me from doing the damn thing was myself. Summer 2018 was when I really decided to do the damn thing!”

Charlene Amour is currently an independent artist. Rightfully so, she is waiting to be signed once she feels that her career is where she wants it to be. The authentic R&B artist recently released an EP called, “My Favorite Summer,” which consists of five songs that you can stream on all platforms! Charlene Amour also has a couple of big things in the works! She will be releasing a music video and a picture book that features a series of poems that coincide with her EP. She is also currently working on two singles to release this year!

Follow Charlene to greatness via Instagram @loveXcharlene   

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