Meet Anthony James: The Newest West Coast Artist to Cause a Stir After the Release of His Latest Singles James Time & Just Friends

By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you’ve just dropped!

My Name is Anthony James. I’m an artist from Anaheim , California and I recently dropped my latest singe entitled is called “James Time”!

Anthony James, you just dropped your single James Time on Sept 25 and the industry is going crazy for it! Tell the readers about the vibe of this single and what inspired you to create this record?

I appreciate that love!

The song is more uptempo and really honestly a song that is confidence-instilling, the type of song that gives you a bounce in your step & that has you feeling real good about yourself, lol.

I was honestly inspired to write it from watching Damian Lillard get off in the NBA bubble this season, he was going crazy, & his performance honestly really fueled the concept of the song… plus it just so happens to be convenient that “Dame Time” rhymes with “James Time” lol.

Stream James Time:


You know I’m a lyric lover so you have to tell the Hip Hop Weekly Readers, what the meaning of these lyrics from James Time mean?

“They say Karma’s a Bitch / But I’m Making Her Mine/ It’s James Time”

Love that, happy to break it down for you as well – the first two lines are very figurative. I’m personifying Karma as a female character, yet acknowledging that she still possesses the power to affect my life largely in a positive or negative manner – and because of that I’m saying that “I’m making her mine” so that in return she treats me real good. A concept of charming my way into Karma’s good graces essentially.

As for the “It’s James Time” it’s a reference to Damian Lillard’s “Dame Time” which basically means that in crunch time he (and I) taps into another mindframe, and performs his best when the lights shine brightest.

On October 1st you released the official music video to your single James Time. Tell the readers about the concept of the video. The concept of the basketball is dope by the way

This video is meant to be a behind the scenes look at my (fictional) NBA Draft photoshoot! All players at the NBA Draft dress up real nice for their draft night, and end up taking pictures in their suits for the teams they get drafted to, especially the big name players.

The scenes on the boat are meant to be some of my post-draft celebration as well. Honestly just a real celebration, good time, feel-good, slight flex type video lol.

James Time Music Video:

James Time isn’t your first project. Drop the names of your other projects so the readers can check those out too!

Oh wow, this might take a second lol

In chronological order (newest to oldest)

“James Time” – single

“Don’t Wake Me Up” – single

“All for Me” (Live at Love & Laughter Studios) – single

“When.” – album

“Settle in .” – single

“Island Pack” – EP

“Güd” – album

“IV” – EP

“One for the Money” – single

“Palmdale Rain” – single

To stream Anthony James:

The thing that really makes you the wildcard is that you are so versatile in your sound. It seems like you have created your own genre. Tell the readers a bit about your style as an artist. It seems like you are a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, soul, dance and even pop.

I’m so glad you see that & brought it up, because honestly that’s my favorite thing about myself as an artist truthfully, because it takes away limits as a creative. I really love that.

I think this comes from my versatility as a listener, I’ve always been a big fan of many different styles of music and a ton of artists from different walks of music. Because of this, I like to create within a bunch of different sounds as well. It’s just fun to me that way, and I think the prideful side of me has an internal desire to make my listeners think to themselves “oh, he can do that too”. The versatility, like you said.

But truthfully, I just feel blessed to do so without sounding out of place on any record. I’m a lucky guy for that, & will never not be thankful for the gifts I was given to do so.

You just recently won a 2nd place on the IN THE STU PODCAST, an LA based showcase with host DejahBoo. You’ve also performed in many other shows over your career. Tell the readers about that experience

Yeah so I’ve actually done quite a few shows to date now, and a lot of them have been dope, with a fair share of some not so dope shows too lol, but I’m thankful for all of them nonetheless.

Here is a chronological list of the shows I’ve performed within the past year & a half or so (newest to oldest) –

The Virtual Experience Showcase – Hosted by Dejahboo & IntheStu Podcast (Love & Laughter Studios via Zoom, Los Angeles, CA)

Positive Vibrations Halloween Festival (El Dorado Park, Long Beach, CA)

Headlined Positive Vibrations Open Mic (El Dorado Park, Long Beach, CA)

Lyrical Lounge – Hosted by BooktheSpotLA (The Arc DTLA, Los Angeles, CA) (played alongside The Voice’s artist Jamar Rogers)

The Main Event – Hosted by BooktheSpotLA (The Spot LA, North Hollywood, CA)

Late Night Rages – (Rarehouse Productions, Los Angeles, CA)

Dominican University of California’s “The Big Event” (Meadowlands Field, San Rafael, CA)

Plus I have played various times at The Coollab Project, which is an awesome organization in Santa Ana founded by a dope artist named Alaz & hosted by my now good friends Rocky Angelini & Apollo Bebop. If you don’t know who they are you should definitely give them a peep as well!

In the Stu Podcast Episode:

What inspired you to start making music in the first place? Was it a person, place or event?

Honestly there was no real place or event that inspired me to start making music. I have always been a big fan of writing, have loved singing even before I knew I was good lol, & know how to play a few instruments, so I guess i’ve always been around it. Other than that the only events that I could say really set a spark in me to make more music was. . .

1) when a girl asked me to sing to her in high school and I did & it actually turned out good

2) when I started playing around on my mom’s work computer with Garageband, & really enjoyed that.

I wish I had a cool story to say something really inspired & set me off, but that’s never really been my motivation anyways, i’ve always been a self-starter, in all things. However, I will say that hearing my own song with a real mix & master for the first time was what really instilled the confidence in myself for me to believe that I could really do this, & make it as an artist.

Do you write your own music too? When are you most inspired to write? It is when you are feeling a certain emotion; does a person, place or even a beat inspire you?

Yes, I write all my own music, always. Unless I’m singing on somebody else’s song that they particularly just wanted my voice for a hook or something, it’s always me. Inspiration comes & goes in waves, but for the most part the writing comes pretty natural to me truthfully – & when that wave comes it hits hard, so I mean I can knock out a lot of writing when I’m in that creative frame of mind. To answer your question better though – I feel inspired through all of it, certain emotions, people, places, & beats have & continue to inspire me.

You are an R&B lover. Tell the readers what song / artist/ album inspired you to want to become a musician?

I definitely am lol, huge R&B guy. I honestly don’t have a great answer to this one, I don’t really look at artists & say “this artist inspired me” – however i’ll tell you my four favorite R&B albums!

Daniel Caesar – Freudian

The Weeknd – Trilogy (i’m counting all three mixtapes as one alb)

Blonde – Frank Ocean

Channel Orange – Frank Ocean

Your next project comes out Dec 4th. Tell the readers what we can expect from that project. Have you picked a name for it yet?

Yes it does! I’m juiced about it, love this song. This project is a single called “Just Friends”. It’s very much a cuffing season, R&B joint that is perfect for the Winter. You can expect a story that everybody can relate to, and expect a super fire feature from a dope artist & friend of mine, Taina Vasquez. Can’t miss this one!

Just Friends:

You’re also a fashion icon and have your own line called A James ’95 and just dropped exclusive merch. Tell the readers what we can find in your collection!

Appreciate this love as well, thank you!

In the ‘95 A James collection you can find a variety of artist merchandise in the form of Casual Streetwear. Tees, hoodies, long-sleeves, hats, stickers, & pins are available on the website!

All designed by yours truly as well.

Shop the collection:

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Let’s go! (sorry that was two words lol)

Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop/ R&B in only 1 word.


Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time Dead or Alive?

This is super tough for me lol, BUT! Off top –

Michael Jackson

Stevie Wonder


The Beatles


If you could collaborate on a song with any artist, one dead and one alive, who do you pick?

Dead: Mac Miller

Alive: Jon Bellion

Name one thing that you think even with all the fame and fortune in the world that money could never buy?

Sounds cliche, but true happiness, self -worth & real fulfillment.

If you could walk NYC and Paris Fashion Week for only one designer who do you pick?

I honestly don’t know too much about designers, Fashion week & all that, but I have a friend who happens to be a celebrity stylist, & i’d be happy to walk NYC & Paris for him. His name is Toreno & he styles for Danileigh, THEY. & more. That’s family & like I said, he’d be my guy for all that.

You walk down a long hallway and at the end you come to meet 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to your right goes to the future. You get 24 hours behind either day. Which door are you opening and why?

Oh definitely the past! It’s like that one Drake line in “6PM in New York” “Some nights I wish I could go back in life, not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice”. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of things ahead in my life, but I know I’ve lived a lot of really cool things already, & it’d be dope to re-live some of those things again for a little. The future will come when it comes, how it’s supposed to, with all I’m looking forward to & more! I have faith in that.

Anthony James- Your latest single James Time is out now on Platforms. What’s next for you as an artist? And where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews, bookings, features and inquiries!

That is a very good question lol, I’ve truthfully been trying to figure out the answer to that myself. I think in the immediate future I have the obvious answer of the release of my next single on December 4th, which is this Friday. As for what is to follow honestly I’m not entirely sure, at least I couldn’t tell you in a detailed order. I am sitting on a lot of unreleased music, recording & writing more, have a few podcasts lined up as well as another few shows lined up – I just am not entirely sure about the structure & order of these events like I had said! But, I know I am a very detail-oriented person, so you can be sure that I’m planning daily, & that I will have a more structured plan in the near future.

To keep up with all that you can follow me on Instagram @anthonyjames11_

^ That’s the only real media I keep & where I do all of my updating of music and life related things!

Thank you again for everything Kim! Appreciate your time.


IG: @anthonyjames11_


Booking / Press/ Media Inquiries:


Shop The ’95 A James Collection:

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