Malissa “Mali” Hunter Presents The First Annual “EARTHGIRL” Gathering in ATL!

Malissa “Mali” Hunter, the epitome of a master transformative artist, employs her creations as a platform to both catapult other artists’ careers and reinforce the influence of her own brand. In addition to constructive social and individual changes coming in the form of art products, Mali also creates and facilitates healing, bonding, and learning experiences for passionate and powerful women across the globe. Of course, such legendary events and environments are made possible by a multifaceted guru, wearing multiple hats as a Grammy-nominated producer, musician, former promoter and publicist, celebrity organic chef, and partner of Tree Sound Studios. More than that though, she’s a person who cares about people and the planet first. Needless to say, she is the goddess of the game and her full, gracious heart is her strongest attribute. Mali gives love unconditionally, which allows her to help others by seeing and uncovering others’ true talents and callings, as well as combining benevolence with business savvy to secure her throne. The entertainment industry is her realm of influence and, for Mali, the best part of fulfilling her divine purpose is being blessed with inspiring, prominent friends as well as planting and watering seeds to watch artists of all levels rise to new heights.

For Mali reaching new heights of her own, the road has been everything but traditional and smoothly paved. She has candidly shared how she faced hard times with light such as living the starving artist lifestyle in her twenties, learning to capitalize on opportunities by separating business from passion, and persevering despite unfavorable circumstances by being creatively resourceful. In a 2015 interview with Essence Magazine, she expressed, how she started off as a “troubled kid with a knack for business.“ After traveling the world pursuing her passion, music, the President of Motown introduced her to her now partner Grammy Nominated Multiplatinum Producer James “Groove” Chambers who produced the majority of Nappy Roots Debut Album including the hit single “Awe Naw.” Chambers then introduced her to John Paul Diaz his label partner / owner & president of the world famous Treesound Studios, She has been blazing a trail as their business partner for over 15 years. She attributes lots of her success to Chambers guidance and Diaz’s belief in her . She continued, “We decided we could be a light within the industry, so I took off my singer hat and put on my business cap. I have been fortunate to learn the ins-and-outs of this business along the way.” When the moment presented itself, Mali naturally pulled from past experiences and used her platform to become a social change agent within the entertainment industry when she hosted the first annual EarthGirl Creative Camp and Festival.

The EarthGirl Creative Camp and Festival was a 7-day event that catered to women from across the globe–who worked in music, film, health and wellness, and culinary–to help them to create on a higher tier. There was also a sustainability platform & recycling that Mali made sure happened during the camp to keep with Treesounds Green theme. Mali and Groove have been doing these camps at TreeSound for over a decade. This experience was inspired by Mali’s Dove Uniquely Me festival with the Girls Scouts of America that she hosted back in 2008. While there were women present, she wanted to do one to make sure women owned the space and got to record together in peace and harmony. In an Instagram post, Mali shared, “It’s astonishing that only 5% of the music that we hear is made by women so we all (our brothers included) will be coming together to support and uplift those that have a dream to create.” Carrying out the mission of inspiring and breathing life into other artists–particularly women–to manifest their passions into realities inevitably materialized into a mega event.

This master plan was so inspiring that she attracted corporate partners such as Amazon, Toyota Avalon, Dove, Shea Moisture, and Constellation BrandsThe Coca Cola Company right in Atlanta’s own backyard was a title sponsor with The Sprite “Thirst For Yours” campaign touted for helping female artist like: Kodie Shane, Chlo the God, Kierra Luv, and Franco along with Smart Water supporting Mali’s daily Yoga and Health/Wellness Activations; Coca Cola and Essence Festivals came for support with their “If not for my Girls Campaign” Hosted by Lisa Cunningham and Ebonie Elektra paying homage to the woman in their lives including a moment to shine light on the late Kim Porter and 3 brown girls. Opening Day, brought to you by Sprite’s “Thirst For Yours” campaign MaliDascha Polanco, and Terri J. Vaughn hosted and there was a riveting performance by Epic records artist Kodie Shane. With 650 VIP guests, there was a day of healing, conversations, and crystal Bracelet making hosted by “The Queen Of Stones/The Wellness Disruptor Peachie Wimbush aka Wiz Khalifa’s mom. Neyo’s mother, Loraine Smith, spoke to other moms and daughters about how to keep it together in this tough business alongside Mrs. J, Future’s mom. Aiyisha Obafemi with “The Blue Nile” Agency/DTP came and shared stories and gave the gift of sharing the African seven bowl ceremony honoring our elders. Mali’s Dream was to show that we are stronger together so she curated days where women from different tribes came together in unity. Shiba Russell with 11 Alive and Jovita Moore WSBTV came together with 100 sisters in media for a luncheon and special day showing that we can all work together. 100 DJ’s were brought together with DJ Lady In the trap and DJ Roots Queen for a candlelight vigil honoring DJ Speakerfox. T.I, Mike Will and Groove Chambers were also in attendance alongside a host of many others.

Staying grounded and grateful not only allows Mali to continue rising in all of her glory, it also empowers others, particularly women, to learn from her and grow from the connections that she fosters. Holistically building herself by consistently sharpening her mind, body, and soul as well as growing from every experience has manifested countless blessings out of various lessons. She embodies Muhammad Ali’s infamous principle that “the service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth,” which is why she is one of the world’s greatest female influencers and entertainment’s champion. Mali is a fearless leader and the fertile soil from which others become deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, fine-tuning artists to flourish to greatness. This is a creative social and business pursuit that promotes essential reevaluation of women inclusivity and influence, or lack thereof, within entertainment and pop culture, with a byproduct of altered perceptions increased opportunities on individual, community, national, and global levels.

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