Macy Gray Helps Families of Police Brutality with Her Nonprofit ‘My Good’

Macy Gray is using her platform to help fight police brutality. Her nonprofit organization ‘My Good’ is ramping up its efforts to support and help families with victims of police violence. The organization was founded earlier this year very silently. Although the nonprofit focuses on the act of police crime to civilians, it also offers grief counseling, support groups and more. 

The recent events that have been taking place across America has sparked an outrage in many people to want to speak up and lend a helping hand. Gray also has personal reasons for why she is so involved and connected to the organization. Four years ago her aunt and uncle had lost their son to a bar fight. She knows and has felt with the devastating trauma that could bring to a family.

Gray had this to say, “It’s impossible to ignore the fact that there are thousands of families in our country who are grieving from unaccountable deaths due to police brutality. We are here to identify those families and help them with grief counseling, legal and financial assistance.”

In no way, shape or form is this organization a anti-police organization. It is a place to find comfort and resources for the families that lost a loved one to such acts of violence and help them heal and move forward. She also mentioned that she would be hosting several virtual concerts to help bring awareness to her nonprofit and even more about the issue at hand surrounding the injustice we suffer at the hands of police officers.

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