Lovely Mimi Makes An Impact And Hits Hard With Single “F*** You Lately (FYL)”

Many know Lovely Mimi from watching her YouTube channel or on the latest episodes of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out.  You may have seen her on Season 6 of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. But there is no doubt that Lovely Mimi’s crazy, out-there, yet somehow relatable, personality is what catches the hearts of her fans.  She recently released her latest EP titled LIFE. This album is her most personal album to date.  She gives a timeline-like look into her emotional roller coaster marriage.  

Lovely Mimi reflects on the time when she was in love with all the possibilities of where her and her Ex could go in life – all the way to the point where she is ready to have someone match her.  She pours her feelings out in these 5 songs.  Mimi wants people who are going through a break up or someone who is trying to put the pieces together, to know they aren’t alone. Lovely Mimi created this EP in hindsight – it took time to see the red flags and to feel the hurt and it took time to move on, but she has! Now she’s turned from an unhappy, unappreciated WIFE to living her LIFE.

Equally important, “FYL” is the 2nd track on “LIFE.”  Mimi is giving her fans an emotional and personal timeline of her recent heartache and the unraveling of her marriage, to her bounce back and loving herself.  On FYL, Mimi is reminiscing when she started to fall out of love.  She starts to feel like all the love and time she put into the relationship isn’t being reciprocated and is wondering why she’s still in this relationship.  Mimi begins to see her worth and realize the toxicity is draining her. She let this shit go on too long.   Mimi isn’t feeling hurt – she’s mad MAD.   So…she’s feeling like F*** You Lately … #FYL

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