Living In The Moment & Taking on The World: Jamaal Marvel Releases New Single “Give It To Me”

Having grown up in the country without much to do, Jamaal Marvel has always been drawn to music as both a past time and form of self expression. From humble beginnings as a backup vocalist in Idaho, Marvel has built his way to an accomplished solo career with a bright future ahead of him, including his latest track, “Give It To Me.”

The start of Marvel’s career is greatly influenced both by his childhood, growing up in the country and being quick to lean on music as one of his main pastimes and by his experience and connections through the military. “I joined the military after College and I got stationed in this wonderful place called Idaho. While there, I met one of my best friends. Singing with him kind of helped me out of my shell. He started finding individuals that were also into music and making songs and we started singing background vocals on different tracks. From Idaho, I went to Arizona. And I think that’s probably where I really got into all of this with vocals and playing gigs in bars and clubs and performing at weddings and things like that. I was kind of hooked and

I was like ‘Alright, this is dope, I want to keep doing this.’” From there, Marvel began creating music of his own.

“Give It To Me” is the third single that Marvel has released from his upcoming album “Tales of a Fool,” along with the tracks “SUCKER” and “Future Love.” He describes the recent single as being about the struggles that people go through in everyday life. “The song itself is about an individual going through something. And it’s about having a conversation with yourself and saying I’m going to be in this moment. It’s about focusing on something that makes you happy and something that is going to get you out of this place that you’re in during times of hardship.”

Marvel’s music is a unique and well cultivated mixing pot of different sounds and influences. Some of the many artists he takes inspiration from include Lupe Fiasco, Outkast, Lauryn Hill, Tupac and more. He resonates with a more vintage Funk sound and ties it to more modern R&B aesthetics.

Much of Marvel’s music is influenced by the 70’s and 80’s eras, with a heavy Funk and R&B sound to it. Once he’s created the instrumental part of a song, Marvel will start on the lyrics, melding the strategy of “mumbling through the song,” finding an organic feel for the words that fit best with the track, and creating a story and character style for each piece that he makes. He does this through drawing on a writing style that is more storyline geared, which leads to his remarkably relatable and intriguing aesthetic.

With such an interesting story, amazing music and great future ahead of him, Jamaal Marvel is an artist to look out for. He plans to release his next album in September and hopes to get at least one new album out every year for the next few years. “Hopefully, my music can do the same thing for others as it’s done for me.”

Jamaal Marvel’s social media and new single can be found through the links that are listed below.

Give It To Me

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