Lil Crush Accepts No Apologies in new Music Video for “Not Your Fault” on V Records


V-Records and My My Music recording artist Lil Crush today released his new music video for “Not Your Fault,” a single showcasing his futuristic sound and hauntingly, soulful pop verve. 

The spirit of a wanderer permeates the emotionally charged song and video by the critically-acclaimed artist. A native of Minnesota, Lil Crush, speaks of a young man’s desire to love and be understood in a world of uncertainty and constant change. 

Creating a track focused on love is especially poignant when set against a backdrop of civil and political unrest. Lil Crush successfully contrasts the passion and burning flames of love with the power of social justice advocacy and Minneapolis’s burning streets. 

“We’ve been through so much this year. I’ve come to understand how much we need each other and how meaningful love can be. I’m a heart broke kid, and about love in every form. Whether it’s a bad or good kind, love is an everyday thing we can’t live without. That’s what led me to the journey of creating ‘Not Your Fault'”, said Lil Crush

Born predisposed to musicianship by way of his Latina mother and African-American father’s lineages, Lil Crush’s coming of age story is told between the streets of Minnesota and Colombia’s mountains and his mother’s homeland, where he’d submerge himself in the ancestral landscape while listening to American rock, pop, and Hip-Hop.

Before going solo, he was the front man of an alternative band that performed original scores and covered Offspring, Green Day, and The Revolution. “Some of them had to leave for college. I stood behind to study the stage”, explains the 19-year-old MC, who plays over a half-dozen instruments. 

The treatment by Director of Photography Robert Henry for “Not Your Fault” captures the duality of Lil Crush’s poetry, visually framing the sometimes-necessary sadness found in love, over his introspective lyrics and energetic vocals. 

Overall, the track explores the all-too-common feelings of uncertainty that many relationships endure while fighting to stand the test of time. “Our actions are a result of what we knew at the time. Acceptance and self-forgiveness are key,” adds Lil Crush, who recently headlined the Narnyia Indy Music Festival in Billings, MT.

“Not your fault” is available on all streaming platforms. For more information, follow @LilCrush. 

For more information

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“Not your fault” is available on all streaming platforms. For more information, follow @LilCrush. 




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