LikquidCash Is On A Mission To Inspire The Masses, One Dope Vibe At a Time

“​My mission statement is to INSPIRE.​”


When you think of artists that have overcome the odds stacked against them, using their triumph to motivate the masses, Jay-Z, Big Sean or the late Nipsey Hussle might come to mind. While each artist lead their tribe of fans to greater heights, there is a new sound bubbling up from the underground, with multi-talented Bahamian artist, ​LikquidCash guiding his tribe to uncharted territory with fresh new sounds and perspective.

Growing up in an impoverished neighborhood in Freeport, Bahamas to a single parent household before deciding to chase dreams in New York when he was 12, the artist formerly knowns as SinDaKid quickly learned the importance of making a way for yourself. From 9-5 work to selling his mixtapes in Times Square, ​LikquidCash​ knows how to get it done.

Now that he’s put himself in the position to win, ​LikquidCash finds himself fully immersed in the music, using his gifts to fulfill his mission of inspiring those that want more out of life than their current situation. Recent releases like “​Love U Like Cook Food​” and his self-titled EP, ‘​LikquidCash​’ pick up on these sentiments, artfully blending his island roots with Hip Hop flavor and plenty of G.

Dynamic, hard-working and ambitious in every sense of the word, ​LikquidCash​‘s music packs a punch, and as much passion and resilience as his spirit. As a humble and talented artist blessed with the drive to succeed, it won’t be soon before long ​LikquidCash is a household name. Check in with his previous releases at and stay tuned for more from the industry’s up next: LikquidCash.

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