Lexington, Kentucky Artist Gr.Leaf Makes His HHW Debut

Isaiah Green born in raised in Lexington Kentucky the land of the Bluegrass Church Hill Downs of the Kentucky Derby. Isaiah is definitely no stranger to the music scene coming from a family of musical talent himself especially as it was embedded in him hearing the sounds of his mom humming to original melodies that filled every room in the house as a young child even up until this day. As the youngest of 5 siblings, music became the family down time after countless days of tournaments and competitions having a full house of athletes. As a competitive family it became natural for it to carry over into music for him so his mom constantly entered all of them into music contest. She first started out having all of them learn her songs for ground singers for music and then it carried over into auditions, contest and musicals plays.In the late part of 2015 the the family packed up and moved to Jacksonville, Florida where Isaiah continued to grow and be inspired to write and freestyle with his brothers his own songs. No soon after two years had gone by Isaiah had created all original unrecorded songs. At that point he knew exactly what he wanted to do so he knew a friend that had been recording in his home and began to collaborate with him on a song he was making. He knew right away that he had to officially record and release his own music. After word got out about the song that he collaborated with his friend with the phenom All Star Basketball Player was in much demand by his whole High School Class from all of the Country and beyond he was bombarded with the number one question of when was his music going to be released!           

 After carefully weighing in on his decision as to if he was going to pursue his musical talent or continue to play basketball Isaiah knew that it was going to be no different then his approach to his ”game of basketball mindset”. If he was going to do it it he had to be his all or non. Isaiah correlated long nights in the gym to be the same as long nights on the studio, new shoes were now the equivalent of buying studio tome and then eventually equipment, having basketball friends was now the same amount of time as to establishing new artist friends. One thing lead to another and there he was on a new stage exposed to a new platform he knew it was best to keep his name as everyone already knew him as ”gr.leaf”. It was easy for him to make the transition of knowing what to do with his music because he had already had a manager from All Things Media Management Group for his modeling and acting career he’s had since his childhood. Once his manager Aj heard his first single “I’m Wavy” and seen his library of recorded songs it was a wrap, it was apparent that it was time to release his smooth new wavy sound that delivers a fresh breath of air inspired by from a dose of LL Cool J meets Drake. Drake being Gr.Leaf’s all time favorite aspired Artist by far. Gr.Leaf was accustomed to studying the greats and watching the evolution of Drake’s music and career of an entertainer he vows to have a crossover music career as he did and looks to work with him as a dream come true. Isaiah now known as the Artist “Gr.Leaf” released his first Single “I’m Wavy” in 2019 and hit 25K and counting on Spotify with the help of the release of his first Music Video “I’m Wavy”. With his newfound fanbase getting first glance at him as a phenomenal basketball star turned artist the opportunity to go beyond the the walls of the gym and see him in a whole other light of performing it’s made him feel good about the direction he’s going with his music career and means alot to him. 

A “New Wave” was hear a sound that is sure to set the waves higher than what you’ve heard or seen before. As the year carried over his fans grew more and more love for him as an artist now and pressed him to give them more great music! Gr.Leaf decided to release his second Single “Where You Been” and yes that’s right the numbers superseded the first release at a rapid pace. Right in the middle if this transition gr.leaf got the call from his manager to audition to be in Atlanta’s one and only T.I. featuring Yo Gotti Music Video ”Wraith”. If there was any indication that Gr.Leaf needed for a confirmation this was it, the sky wasn’t even the limit for him any more at this point he knew what he had to do. As Gr.Leaf continued to explore and develop his craft with competitions, performing at fashion shows, local parties and interviews he got the attention of “Rolling Loud” A&R Young Money & Fast Life Entertainment Jullian Boothe and continues to grasp how far he can go as he continues to go beyond what he can see!             

If your watching this Artist you haven’t seen nothing yet, his charisma, style and new sound has caused him to level up and land Brand Endorsement deals on the table for a very popular drink Lemon Perfect and interviews on the likes of X360FM. After becoming a TikTocker and hitting 145K on TikTok. Gr.Leaf is not ashamed of him starting out with small beginnings because he uses his same work ethic and mindset as he had being a basketball player still today for his new found love of music. Keeping that same energy to the table he doesn’t care about how underrated he may seem he just keep moving know that it will all pay off in the end. Over time he knows that he will be seen, heard, and recognized as a Multitalented International Entertainer holding his own weight and setting his own lane.

Instagram – https://instagram.com/gr.leaf?igshid=1jwuvi4o7pyzs

Apple Music- https://music.apple.com/us/album/where-you-been-single/1493722184
TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@gr.leaf?lang=en

Music Video “I’m Wavy”

T.I. featuring Yo Gotti “Wraith”

gr.leaf Website– https://www.flow.page/gr.leaf


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