‘Lemonade’ by Alexia is The Sweet New Sound of The Summer

Young, New York artist Alexia has recently released her newest single “Lemonade,” an awesome track that really sweetens up the sour taste of quarantine during the worldwide pandemic. This track brings a new excitement to the monotonous routine of a socially distanced day.

Growing up surrounded by music and dance, Alexia was always in the middle of something artistic. “For my entire life music has always played a huge role in my family , on my mom’s side, they’re all musicians, my dad was always singing in the house, and I was always performing in front of guests. I was classically trained as a ballerina until I was 17 so I never really pursued it. However, after I quit, I was trying to find something creative to pursue, and I always wrote poetry and sang, so it came naturally to me. I was always singing and then writing poetry and I thought I could combine these two. Also, I just listen to every type of genre, so I feel like I had a good ear to begin songwriting.”

As Alexia became more familiar with music, she started to find her sound. “I always say I’m pretty genre-less. I gravitate towards eerie Pop, but I add a lot of funk elements to more of my Dance tracks, but then my slower tracks really ebb and flow which makes me think I’m pretty genre-less, like I have some R&B music as well.”

Much of Alexia’s music is influenced by her experiences as a dancer and her artistically influenced home life. She also draws from artists such as King Princess, Frank Ocean and BØRNS.

“Lemonade” is the track that kick started Alexia’s return to the music scene. “It was quarantine, and I had not been focused on music. I kind of was just focused on school and I really lost myself, I think for two years kind of just like not focusing on creativity. During quarantine, I was just sitting and I really just wanted to sing and then the first line came, the melody of lemonade on a summer day, and I put my voice notes and I kind of just improvised. And then I decided that I was not going to take this track too seriously. A lot of my other tracks are very heavy, and they come from such an intense emotional place, but “Lemonade” came from a place of complete peace because I was removed from so many pressures of my everyday life, so I began singing more in general. It was a very natural process overall, and I would be nowhere without my voice notes ha ha”

Some of Alexia’s future works include two singles that she is preparing to release called “Growing up” and “Salt Taste.” She discusses some of her other goals, explaining her interest in creating collaborative relationships within the music industry. “I really want to establish myself as a songwriter and have other artists want to collaborate with me. I would love collaborating because I think I sometimes get too stuck on one way of writing, and it would be amazing to gain different outlooks on writing.” I really just want to write with other artists and write songs for other artists as well. So those are my major goals. Performing a bit more, I haven’t really had a taste of that at all. I would say the closest is collaborating with new artists, releasing my next singles, and releasing an EP.”

Check out Alexia’s Instagram and latest tracks with the links below.







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