LeBron James Offers To Pay Florida Felons’ Fines To Vote In 2020 Election

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is volunteering to pay convicted felons’ fines so that they can vote in the election.

According to reports to Outkick, LeBron James has teamed up with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. The coalition is sending messages to residents in Florida, asking if anyone is having trouble playing outstanding fines due to a felony conviction.  Florida passed a law that allows felons to vote only if all penalties were taken care of.

“We’re teaming up with LeBron James to break down barriers to voting for people w/ felony convictions. Do you know anyone that needs their fines & fees paid off so they can vote?” one of the text messages says. 

LeBron James is part of More Than A Vote that was launched in June. It is a group of athletes that working together to stop black voter suppression. More Than A Vote is pledging to donate $100,000 to help play these outstanding fines for Florida residents. 

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