LaTRUTH Talks New Music, Acting & More With HHW

Jack of all trades is essentially an understatement when describing actor/rapper LaTRUTH. Born and raised in North Carolina, he quickly discovered his love for music and went on to record 11 albums. LaTRUTH took an extended break from music to pursue acting and have has been producing skits and short films which helped to grow his social media following well into the millions across all platforms. One of his most popular productions is a web series entitled “Will He Cheat” which earned LaTruth more than 100-million views. If that isn’t enough, the talented father and husband runs several businesses including Viral Media Group, Fast Cash Records/Gswag Enterprises and his clothing lines RFG Clothing and Humble Over Flex. 

Our host Radio ReddRoxx caught up with LaTRUTH to discuss his current and future endeavors regarding music and his businesses as well as how fatherhood is going for the internet sensation and media mogul. Check it out below and be sure to follow LaTRUTH on Instagram and support his movement! 

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