LA Hitmaker MarcLo Is “Getting Right” On New Single

"Marclo Get Right Single"

MarcLo is on fire “Getting Right” to it in 2020. On his latest single, he is showing naysers that he is far more than just a producer and songwriter. With his forthcoming Premonitions album  in the works scheduled to be released in October of this year, “Get Right” is the perfect hold over until then. Lo does a great job of creating a single that is uplifting, encouraging and right on time with the pandemic.

As MarcLo showcases his superb writing skills, you will hear many notable punchlines that stick in the brain almost immediately. His unique rap style and beat choices give off an infectious vibe destined to on set anyone’s day in the right direction. He says things like “sending up prayers” that eventually turned into blessings. This type of rap is refreshing as it reminds listeners to pursue their dreams while keeping the faith in themselves and their talents.

As he has mastered the art of producing, songwriting and now recording music, it is safe to say that he will have a lasting impact on the music business worldwide. Be sure to give MarcLo a chance by pressing play below on his new “Get Right” single.

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