Indie Artist: LA DIVA

La Diva a newcomer in the game is New York to the fullest. Born Angela M. Wong, raised in Bedstuy Brooklyn to a single mother, La Diva knows all about sacrificing to get by. Her mom gave her and her sisters everything although she didn’t have much, which inspired her to reach higher for her goals. Her mother’s sacrifices, are the reasons why she can’t ever repay her for raising her to become the woman she is today. La Diva woul not be embarking on a career in music if not for her mom. La Diva, which was given to me her by her grandma, is a name that represents how into fashion she was as a kid. Being intrigued by expensive clothing was always her thing so the name made perfect sense.

When it comes to music, her musical influences for starters would have to be La India. Her mother bought her first walkman and cassette player at the age of 5, and that is when they noticed she had a voice. Her sister played a major part in helping her develop as a writer. They would pick topics and write songs and poetry when they were home bored with nothing to do. Another musical influence is her music teacher Ms. King-Everette. La Diva attended Progress High School for professional careers and in which King taught her how to breathe, harmonize and use her voice.

When it comes to La Diva’s writing style, she have a unique style. She compares it to the group Floetry. It is very passionate and full of emotion. “In today’s society we are so tuned in with following social norms that we usually don’t express ourselves because we are afraid of who is watching us” exclaims the New York native.

Kicking off her career at the age of 18 years old, was the best move she could have made. She did her first show at a community event in Brooklyn. When asked what inspires her she stated “I must say that it is my love for music and how it can heal anything you may be experiencing at the moment. Growing up in a poor neighborhood does not stop anyone from succeeding. I am proof of that. I want people to believe that they can make it despite all adversaries”.

Currently she is working on some forthcoming projects that yet have a release date. You can expect three new songs in the near future, with the lead single being “Runtz”. You will be hearing more for La Vida very soon. You can find her on Instagram @divalapr.

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