Kehlani Joins Russ For New Song “Take You Back”

Russ and Kehlani break up to make up! The two artists join forces on “Take You Back”, Russ’ latest track about him trying to get back together with his girl, despite life’s ups and downs.

Take you back, who am I if I can’t take the heat? / Take you back, let’s be real, ’cause you’ve taken back me / This is hard, but I love you, we fuck up, that’s just life / Take me back, I’ll take you back, yeah

The Atlanta-based rapper has been dropping songs every week, but claims that this one is one of his favorites. “This is really years in the of my favorite songs ever is officially out!!!” he told his fans on Instagram

As for Kehlani, she’s featured on Disclosure’s “Birthday” along with singer Syd.

Check out “Take You Back” here.

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