Karim Tha Dream Explores Genre With New Track ‘I Can’t Sleep’

Karim Tha Dream is an Egyptian born Hip Hop artist based out of Washington D.C.. Having started his musical career only 6 months ago, he has already created an impressive discography. His most recent track, a Trap song called “I Can’t Sleep” is an amazing show of his talent as both a lyricist and producer.

Though Karim has been involved in music for most of his life, it was not a serious venture until the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. He began playing guitar in middle school and though he enjoyed performing, it remained a hobby through college and into his adult life. “When COVID hit is really when I had the chance to sit down and think about life”, Karim explained. “I think it hit the pause button for a lot of us and it was a great reset that allowed us to reflect on what we care for and love doing. So, as soon as the pandemic hit and the stay-at-home orders went out, I got a copy of Logic Pro. I taught myself the basics and set out to produce my first album by the end of 2020.”

Karim’s first album “The Dream” was released in August 2020, and though he met his goal, he didn’t stop there. His latest single “I Can’t Sleep” followed shortly after. The track, which comes from simple beginnings, came to Karim during a late night walk “I woke up at 3AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had music, work, family, the pandemic and so many other things racing through my mind. So I threw on my headphones and went on a long walk while listening to this

trap beat. I’ve never worked on a trap track before so didn’t know where it will go, but next thing I know is I wrote the song in one go during that walk!”

Over the last year, Karim has had the chance to explore his sound and mix in different styles and genres. “I would define my sound as explorative. Having the Arabic flavors and the deep love for old school hip hop – I try to combine a little of everything in my sound.” On top of his unique and still growing sound, Karim has a strong focus on his lyricism and attention to words. “I’m a massive fan of lyricism in hip hop. It’s one of the things that really pulled me into the genre and culture. I want people to listen to my tracks and not just enjoy the music but think about a subject differently or consider something new.”

“I Can’t Sleep” specifically has an interesting focus on lyricism and the way that Karim was able to meld the Trap feel to his ability and focus when it came to the lyrics. “The concept of this song is ‘Don’t sleep on me’. When I set something in my crosshairs, I put all my energy into it. I like giving 100% in everything that I do. Anyone who’s overly ambitious can probably relate to this track.”

It is easy to see the effort and attention to detail that Karim has put into his music. He is truly an artist worth keeping an eye out for as he continues to define his sound and create more interesting tracks. Be sure to keep an eye out for his new music and videos that he plans to put out in the coming year.

You can check out Karim via the links listed below. https://www.instagram.com/karimthadreamer/ https://www.facebook.com/karim.tha.dream.2020/ https://twitter.com/KDream2020

“We Are All One”




“Walking through the Clouds”


“2 Shots in the Dark” https://open.spotify.com/track/1mKxR2rKWhnwLgUWfJX5fX

“I Can’t Sleep”


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