K.O. Mason Releases “Take That”

Chicago rapper K.O. Mason is putting on for his city in a major way. Coming off the release of his “Take That” visual, he is proving to be a rising superstar in the making. Growing up in a single parent household, his mother filled the house with old school Hip Hop and R&B sparking his love for music at an early age.

“I grew up in a single parent household with my mother and all she did was listen to old school hip hop, music from the 90’s so I was hip to all the artist who were rising artist in the music industry. I also grew up in a real rough city and neighborhood full of hate and poverty, All you could do was focus on what was in front of you and pray that you make it home safely.”

In the opening moments of the “Take That” video, you will see goons outside of Mason’s house with bats and guns as if they are trying to rob the place. But this rapper is no punk. He not only spits fire bars on camera, he also ties up the intruders showing them who’s boss. His raw confidence as a lyricist comes full circle on this release as it takes his original sound to new heights.

One thing about K.O. is that he is proud to be from the city of Chicago. You will hear him reference being from the windy city as an unknown artist sings the catchy chorus. Press play below to stream the latest visual from K.O. Mason.

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