Judge Rejects Yo Gotti & Team Roc’s Emergency Court Order

Earlier this month, rapper Yo Gotti expressed his concerns about the humanitarian crisis in Mississippi prisons and asked Gov. Tate Reeves to fix the state’s prison system. Gotti is furious by what’s going on at Parchman State Penitentiary and got Team Roc, the philanthropic arm of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, involved to improve conditions. A lawsuit was filed saying that there’s been a spike in deadly violence at the max-security prison after there were 3 deaths in the first week of 2020. All 3 inmates were stabbed to death. 

It has been reported that Gotti’s latest move is to file for an emergency restraining order to monitor the prison in order make it livable for inmates. According to several documents, 8 people have died in the last 26 days. The filing states that there are understaffed cell blocks, with only one guard for 160 prisoners and to make matters worse, inmates are being served rotten food with insects in it and toilets are overflowing. The conditions are cruel and inhumane. 

“The situation at Parchman is a lethal humanitarian crisis,” the rapper stated. “Our fellow humans are being held in facilities with little to no food, no clean water, no electricity, no heat, no blankets and in cells where the floors are full of roaches, rats, black mold and feces.”

At a news conference last Thursday, Gov. Reeves blamed the violence on inmates having illegal cellphones and coordinating gang activity. Of course, Gotti and many others do not believe a word from that statement.

Although the judge denied a request for a restraining order, the rapper and his team have decided to refile another request. “We won’t stop until the Mississippi government makes sweeping changes to guarantee the safety of inmates,” said Gotti.

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