Johnny Crown Drops Off New Single “Isis”

Johnny Crown is a Los Angeles based multidimensional artiste, whose influence will leave a lasting impression. At the early age of 12, Johnny saw his older brother rap and make his own beats, and instantly gravitated towards the art. Many years later, his brother gifted him with his own recording set-up. And the rest was history.

From there on, Johnny learned how to write, record, and even mix his own to his liking. Johnny Crown released three projects (“Drunk ” )(“The coolest prince in the jungle “) (“Shine your light )” “(Star crest)”with different inspirations behind each album “Drunk “ is an ode to being intoxicated off of life , “The coolest prince in the jungle” is an Afrobeat influenced album and “Shine your light” was an awakening album .And the latest album “Fear don’t live here anymore” is an affirmation of the times where there is a pandemic and everyone is scared and panicking. I’m basically injecting love into our atmosphere through the vibration of music with the intention to eradicate fear.

Not only is Johnny a proven, talented musician, he is also a comic book creator, kids book author, actor, a stand up comic, also a mentor for Tina’s Angels & Richards Warrior; a non-profit organization created by Beyoncé’s mother, Mrs. Tina Knowles-Lawson and her husband Mr. Richard Lawson.

With Johnny Crown’s sound best described as modern hip-hop, it’s clear his influences are those of the same ilk. His main influence is of course, the person who manifested this all of him, his older brother. In turn, his older brother also influenced those Johnny listened to as well. Those include Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, Sade, 2pac, Nas, Big L just to name a few. Classic albums like Illmatic, Blueprint 2 and Lovers Rock, were vital to Johnny’s artistry as a whole; down from his delivery, to him performing in front of a crowd.

Not only does Johnny pride himself in the lyricist aspect of the genre, but also in story-telling. And his music in-fact, projects all of those abilities.

However now, the Los Angeles based artist is ready and focused to unleash an onslaught of projects in this new decade. So keep your eyes peeled for all that he has in store, and follow Johnny on his journey to the top, as he places a “Crown” on himself within Hip-Hop.

“Isis” is the first single from Johnny’s upcoming project. Johnny says “Isis” is about honoring and empowering ladies  and building their self esteem up.

This song is for my ladies that are constantly working hard and taking care of their business, it doesn’t matter if you are a stripper or a Fortune 500 CEO. This is what The Goddess Isis embodied. The totality.

Johnny Crown

Stream “Isis” below.

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