Johan Feder Says He Is “Going Old School For A Change”

Forget the hipster style music that seems to be flooding the media nowadays, Johan Feder is a musician who is Going old school for a change. He wants to focus on making music that people can easily fall back on. There is nothing nicer than lounging in your balcony at the end of the day and listening to some good music, and Johan admits he is guilty of it. 

 “I want to make music that people can easily enjoy.” says Johan. His love for music goes way back, he was a kid when he learned how to play guitar. Being a 90s kid, he was always inclined towards music of the 80s. Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley are some of his favourites, and his love for Murray Head is incomparable. He is a musician who respects the delicate nuances of music. That is what sets him apart from his contemporaries.

A person’s taste in music is always going to determine the type of music they make. For Johan it is a certain blend of the old school and his emotions. “ A Musician should be empathetic, when I make music I pour my emotions into it. But I also wonder what the listener will take away from my music. That is a driving factor. I want my music to hit home”

He has got no hate for the ear booming, crazy fast music that seems to be all rage now. But at the end of the day, he wants to go back to old school music making that will remain a classic. You can call him an anachronism in the 2020s, but when you listen to his music it will transport you. His debut single “Shipwrecked” has become a sensation for its hypnotic quality. If you want to know what  he is all about then you listen to “Shipwrecked” below.

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