Joe Budden Shuts Down Interview With 6ix9ine, Says “This Manipulative F***.”

Joe Budden has made it known that he doesn’t care for 6ix9ine. He shared on his podcast that he declined a request to interview the rapper. 

Budden said he received a phone call from someone in 6ix9ine’s crew asking if he would consider interviewing with the “Tattletales” rapper. They believe it would be the best interview of Budden’s career. He then questioned why 6ix9ine doesn’t want to be interview by his close friend DJ Akademics. He was told, “That is not going to materialize the way that it would if he were with you.”

However, Budden found out that they proposed the interview to rapper Gillie Da Kid too. The rapper turned podcaster realized that 6ix9ine was looking for a “co-sign” from someone with higher respect. 

“You’re looking to expose something next to someone official,” Budden stated. “You’re looking to expose something next to somebody that didn’t fuck with you. That’s called you’re looking for a co-sign. Wow, this little manipulative fuck. Back to manipulating.”

Budden continued to say that he would never do the interview no matter how big of an interview it could be for his career. 

“And now, here we are. The fucking Billboard projections come out. Durk ends up moving his album, didn’t want to be associated with that mess,” Joe said. “The projections are lower than what it would take for an artist to travel with nine and ten security guards everywhere he goes. See, that’s the part the public doesn’t decipher. It’s not who flopped and who didn’t. It’s what comes in vs. what’s been spent.”

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