Jersey Hip Hop Artist, Moe$ Poised to Deliver Master Storytelling on His Upcoming EP

Moe$ is an exciting new urban artist who can do it all. Switching up flows and creating new ones, he is a skillful storyteller who doesn’t travel in just one lane. Not content to stick to one sound, Moe$ likes experimentation and trying things outside the box. He has released a number of multi genre singles which will become part of his upcoming new EP.

Moe$ describes his sound as “Hip Hop, a little bit of Pop and a little bit of R&B” and every song on his EP has a different sound. He is just waiting on the final mixing and mastering of the music which was recorded at Quad Recording Studios in New York City (boasting such clients as Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Jim Jones).

Moe$’s most recently released single, “What It Look Like” is composed of metaphors and bars he strung all together over a hype beat. In this track, the artist references a few things about his life using a Club type of vibe. The song is more of a Hip Hop/Rap piece than his previous single, “Hold It Down” that displays a more pop sound coupled with a lively beat. “Hold It Down” is

about a guy who meets a charismatic girl who can “Hold It Down” in conversations. Charming and clever, she can keep a guy interested.

“Lifestyle,” featuring a slower beat than “Hold It Down,” is another standout track from the coming EP. In this song, Moe$ flaunts his storytelling skills in a stronger pop fashion while talking about his life as an artist. “Lifestyle,” along with “Hold It Down” and “What It Look Like” can be heard now on all major streaming platforms.

Other tracks on the upcoming as-yet-untitled EP include “Down For Me” and “The Hundred” – a dope track with 28 straight bars and no hook.

Born in Egypt, Moe$ first fell in love with music there through playing the piano. When he was a child, his aunt had a piano which Moe$ used to play when he visited her house. At age 7, he moved from Egypt to the United States with his family. He first started listening to American music to help him understand the English language better and by age 10, he had started writing his own raps. Developing his songwriting skills over the following 10 years, Moe$ began seriously performing live in his early 20s after studying old school Hip Hop and Battle Rap artists.

Currently, Moe$ continues recording and is putting together a tour of live shows in New York and New Jersey. The thrilling and versatile East coast artist is slated to drop his new 8 to 10 song EP next month.

To listen to Moe$’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:$/1476658953

Facebook – Mohamed Mouhamed

Snap Chat – Moenba3

“What a Start” (EP)

“What It Look Like”

“Hold It Down”

“Hold It Down”

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