Jenifer Lewis Considering Playing Granddad’s Sister On ‘The Boondocks’ Following John Witherspoon’s Passing

The power of social media just might have spawned the greatest idea of 2019, and veteran actress Jenifer Lewis is already on board! Songwriter Durand Bernarr made the suggestion on Twitter and Instagram that Jenifer should carry on the Freeman legacy for the highly-anticipated return of ‘The Boondocks’, following the passing of the iconic John Witherspoon who played “Granddad” on the show. 

Durand posted, “Picture it: Granddad passes away in The Boondocks opening of the 5th season and the boys are sent to live with Granddad’s sister: played by Jenifer Lewis. She’s the ONLY one I can think to keep that same energy.” Check out Durand’s post here. 

Many fans of the show, Witherspoon and Lewis endorsed the suggestion and even repeatedly tagged Lewis on both Bernarr’s Twitter and Instagram posts to get her attention, which worked! Lewis herself chimed in via Instagram. “Thank you one and all. I’ll check into this. It would be fun. I miss my John Witherspoon. He gave us so much so much love and laughter y’all.”

Lewis has already appeared on ‘The Boondocks’, portraying characters Geraldine and Boss Willona on episodes “Early Bird Special” and “Breaking Grandad,” respectively, from season four of the series.

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