James Harden Trade May Happen Sooner Than Later

Drama has been surrounding NBA player James Harden since the start of the NBA season due to his absence from the Houston rockets training camp. Even though he was a no show, he has still been present and participating in preseason games. Harden is a prime prospect for not only the Miami Heat but the Brooklyn Nets as well. He is also very well aware of how hard the Heat is pushing to get him. The 31 year old player is one of the best scorers in the NBA. No wonder he has two top tier teams are battling to gain him.

Miami Heat has quite the team, with a roster of compelling players such as Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro just to name a few. Last Monday the Houston Rockets player attended a press conference and refused to answer any questions regarding the trade. The Rockets have been very adamant in pursing harden and looking for drafts assets in the player. James hasn’t been the easiest to tame when it comes to his attitude. Hopefully, this trade will show him how fast things change and how much of an valuable asset he is no matter where he goes.

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