J Da Proph3t Releases New Party Single “Pop That”

J Da Prophet, a Chicago native,  has focused his abilities on growing his fan base by his versatile catalog of music. In his new single “Pop That,” yet another trap single for his fans to vibe to, J Da Proph3t details an accurate picture of what a great party would be!

The single personifies the party scene with strong images comparing party notables to the essence of the people he interacts with leaving the listener with an ongoing party that follows their ears. 

Using metaphors to create his unapologetic lyrics, J Da Proph3t illustrates the party scene for his audience reminding them that his lyricism is both intentional and yet effortless, at least for him as an artist.

J Da Proph3t is motivated by his passion to create music that discusses themes of love, pain, family, and personal successes, and he is electrified by his determination to perfect his craft and elevate the music scene.

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