J Cutta Clears the Lane with Swaggering New Jam “Mutombo”

If you’re standing with J Cutta, then he is the irresistible force. If you oppose him, he becomes the immovable object. J Cutta is on the move, and there’s nothing out there that can hinder his progress. “If you’re doing something, you shouldn’t broadcast it,” J Cutta explained. That’s how bosses move. They get something done then they tell you about it later. For me, it feels like it’s a tunnel vision thing. In the midst of greatness, broadcasting isn’t necessary.”

J Cutta emphasizes his undaunted ethos with his new track “Mutombo.” Inspired by NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo, the track finds J Cutta shutting down opposition. An avid basketball enthusiast, J Cutta explained the origin of the song. “He [Mutombo] played for the Atlanta Hawks from ‘95 to 2000. He put up a lot of numbers that season. When you refer to defense, it’s all him. I was at a game and they have his jersey hanging up at the stadium. I looked up at it and wondered how I could use his catch phrase as the hook for the song.”

“Mutombo” is an assertive, self-assured song that does not mince words. “I feel like if you got something moving,” said J Cutta, “or something going on… and you get this outsider that tries to disrupt what you’ve got going on? It’s like, ‘No, no, no. Not in my house.’”

J Cutta confirmed that a music video is in the works. “There’s one location in Atlanta. It’s in College Park,” J Cutta elaborated. “It mimics the stadium floor. I definitely want to use that because it looks good. And it fits with the theme of the song.”

Another of J Cutta’s recent tracks, “Fall Thru,” was crafted into a mind-bending music video by HiDeph Media. “Fall Thru” sees J Cutta serenading a mysterious female who is more than what she seems. It’s a dark, slow track with more to it than meets the eye (or ear). “My company is an LLC,” said J Cutta. I run everything having to do with music. But I found [Hi Deph] on Instagram. I saw some of his work and knew I had to have them for this video.”

Both “Mutombo” and “Fall Thru” anticipate the release of J Cutta’s upcoming full-length. Entitled, Dreams Don’t Die — should see light later in 2021. “It’s maybe 90% done,” said J Cutta. “I have an engineer mixing it right now. It’s probably like 9 songs right now. But I’ve got 1 more I’m debating on recording for it.”

J Cutta refuses to slow down or take it easy. In addition to his music career, he owns multiple businesses. “I’m gonna keep releasing music and keep building these businesses,” J Cutta vowed. “I have a phone repair shop. I own a tattoo parlor called Nu Limit Ink in Decatur. I do real estate. I’m building stuff up. But I love doing the music. I want to catch people’s attention with the music. It’s riding music. Wherever you’re going, when you’re on your way, I want to make something perfect for that.”

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