“It’s Bruno” Netflix Series Will Leave You In Tears

S. Denise

It’s Bruno! is a quirky new series recently added to the streaming platform Netflix. This peculiar sitcom will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more. The lighthearted characterization of the headliner, Solivan Naim also known as “Slick” is portrayed as the main character Malcolm. This series provides a much-needed dose of sarcasm and comedy. The series is centered around Malcolm’s relationship and daily adventures with his beloved dog Bruno. Although some may be wary of a dog sharing the lead with the main character, Malcolm can adapt specific comedic interactions with Bruno that would leave the biggest cynic in tears.

The comedic nature of It’s Bruno! provides viewers with an intimate up-close journey to the daily adventures of a man and his dog. The satire within the scenes creates a new relatable source of relief from other cliché sitcoms. The simplicity of the relationship between a man and his pup makes this show completely relatable. The actor “Slick” stays true to the qualities of an authentic New Yorker. Ensuring his comments and delivery are no-nonsense, quick-witted, and often times rude. The puns and punchlines are spot on and consistent in each episode.

This short series will easily capture the attention of you and your family. Dog-lover or not, It’s Bruno! will have you wanting more. The anticipation of each episode makes season two inevitable. This show definitely stands apart from other series provided by Netflix. One thing is for certain, the addictive nature of this show makes it binge-worthy!

“I Wouldn’t Mess with Cubantone tho!”





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