Is Age An Issue In The Modeling Industry? Whopperme Shares Her Perspectives

Aging is living! We’ve made so many advances in civil rights, gay rights, and gender equality- but ageism is still not discussed or dealt with. Whopperme believes that nature gives us the face that we have in our twenties, but it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves as we get older. Society dictates that you eat well, exercise, and maintain a healthy mind. It might be easy to those things but rather difficult to address ageism as common stereotypes in social places.

Whopperme is a 19-year-old model currently on contract with various modeling agencies. She attributes her current success to positivity, knowing what she is good at and investing in it to become prosperous. However, she cannot fail to notice how other people in the industry frown upon too young and too old models. It is a unique segment of professionals who are constantly discriminated against because of their age. But should age be an issue in modeling?

Models have different body types and physiques. Unique ambitions that steer their growth in this line of business. Whopperme thinks about Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, and Kate Moss, personalities who modeled from a young age and still do in their prime years. They countered all odds to rise above all forms of criticisms and pressures placed upon them. To some fashion enthusiasts, age is a factor used to scrutinize models- rarely do they assess their professionalism or ethical approach to work. 

Whopperme insists that she is at times sidelined during potential gigs because of her age. Most contractors note that she does not have the necessary experience and accolades behind her name. How can young models achieve some of these aspects without being given a chance to explore the scope of their potential? She insists that the digital age has given people like her options to try out modeling in a different light. Commercial modeling is an engagement preferred by the new crop of models in the 21st century.

It gives them an opportunity to actively market products and services on behalf of their clients. Influencing is another option that does not discriminate models based on their age but requires them to be extremely knowledgeable about social media marketing metrics.

Ageism, as a problem in the modeling industry, and cannot be solved by mere talking. Young models need to do something different that will inevitably impact the industry. However, Whopperme warns that they need to keep things age-appropriate for the sake of their audiences. Some people might be sensitive to some aspects related to age and visual representation that characterizes modeling as a form of entertainment.

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