Indie Grind Spotlight, Meet Seattle Artist MariBased1

HHW: Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from.

MB1: MariBased1 is the next generation of Seattle music. I got my name from paying homage to Lil B by taking the first part of my name MARI then adding BASED to it. I then added the “1” because I am the 1. I come from the pacific northwest out of the inner city of Seattle, Washington.

HHW: Why did you start to do music?

MB1: I started making music because my whole family does music. Like my pops and my older cousins, I’ve been around it all my life. I’ve always been fascinated with music from when I was a kid until now. I use to always listen to the Temptations a lot as a kid,(I thought I was David Ruffin), even artist like Usher, Chris Brown, Ludacris, T.I., Ice Cube, T.Pain, Lil Wayne, the Hot Boyz, Soulja Boy, and whatever else that played on the local radio station at the time. As the years went on I started venturing more into the music. At first I started making music as a hobby, ya know. In 2013 my dad gave me my first Apple computer and I use to sit on garage band and FL studios for hours recording myself and trying to figure out how to use the auto tune and doing covers to other folks songs, just me messing around. I eventually stuck with using GarageBand because it was the easiest and simplest program in my opinion to operate. Years go on, and In 2016 I make my first official single called ‘So Bright’ produced by BrandonThePro off my ‘MARIOTTO the Mixtape Vol.1’ in my bedroom that I converted into a home studio.

HHW: What do you do with your free time?

MB1: On my free time I like to just chill and hang out with my close friends and family. I’m a very laid back person so I don’t really do to much. Some days I might go watch movies. Or some days I might just post up at the house and stay out the way. Unless I have to go out to the clubs where the DJ’s play my music.

HHW: If you could get advice from any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

MB1: I would get advice from Lil Wayne because he stayed relevant for decades I would want to know the secret from the goat.

HHW: What or who influences your music?

MB1: Who influences my music is Mr. Benjamin 2008, Lil Wayne, T.Pain, Soulja Boy, Lil B The Basedgod, and the Temptations.

HHW: Has anyone helped you or guided you in getting your foot in the industry?

MB1: My pops Mr.Benjamin 2008 has been with me every step of the way throughout my journey.

HHW: Have you ever released any project? If so when?

MB1: I’ve released them 3 Mixtapes back in 2017. I’ve dropped my two singles earlier this year. One in January and one in April.

HHW: What differentiates you from other artists?

MB1: What difference me from other artist is that I’m immortal. I don’t care what nobody says or thinks. I create music for me and my fans.

HHW: Tell our readers what to look out for next from you?

MB1: Y’all could be on the look out for more videos dropping! & MARIOTTO2 on the way!

HHW: Are you currently on any tours or have any future shows booked?

MB1: I was recently on tour with Blueface on the FindTheBeat tour. We traveled to Fresno, Sacramento, and I ended off the tour in Reno on Halloween. I’ve been on tour with Lil Mosey on the NorthBestTour. I’ve opened up for Ace Hood In Seattle, Trinidad James in Everett WA, X-Raided in Olympia WA, Rob Viscous of Shoreline Mafia out in Oakland & Sacramento, Then I performers out at SXSW back in the summer. Coming Up I will be performing at the Seattle Sound Music Awards out in Seattle on Nov. 27th. I am nominated as well for ‘HIP HOP OSCARS/RAP’ category this year!

HHW: How can promoters looking to book you get in contact with you?

MB1: Via email: or or DM me on Instagram @MARIBASED1

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