Immersed in the Music Culture of Howard University, Rap Duo 828 is Cranking Out Hits

Not content to simply make music, two long time friends, Prince King Obike and Ebrahim Manneh (the duo of GoldenPrince and DripE who make up 828) appreciate the significance of their experience at Howard University. The importance of being based at a school with a rich history of producing successful entertainers, such as Roberta Flack, Crystal Waters, Donny Hathaway and P. Diddy is not lost on them. Mixing with different people from different parts of the world and making important connections, the pair is learning everything they can to further their careers. “We’re not just making music,” GoldenPrince said. “We’re actually studying the whole music industry.”

Coming up through school together since they were ten years old, the duo have an undeniable chemistry. They played basketball together and now attend Howard University where they are also roommates. Hailing from Prince George’s County, Maryland, each is an emerging rapper in his own

right, but there is a special energy when they are making music together. Every day, the men discuss how they can get better at their art, and their professionalism shines through in their music.

Released on May 21, their latest album, “Check IN” showcases their energy with high quality music that makes you want to dance. The 12 tracks, recorded in their studio in Riverdale, Maryland, feature different vibes and expert storytelling that the listener can relate to. The lead single from the collection is titled “Sack” – a powerful and catchy number that has garnered plenty of attention for the duo. Other standout songs include the album’s opening track, “Intro” along with “For Da Fame” and the live piece, “Outro.” Although they are East coast rappers, their songs give off a California, mainstream vibe. From the first play through, it is obvious that 828 puts a great deal of effort into their work.

Their storytelling mastery is what sets 828 apart from other rap duos. There is telling and teaching, talking about the come up, what they have been through, the bad times, the pain and the success. “It’s not what we’re saying as much as how we’re telling the story. We’re making it more relatable and we’re teaching you something,” GoldenPrince said. “That’s the key – it’s like school and we’re teaching you exactly what we do and how we do it.”

The lyrics on their previous EP, “Drop Off” focus mainly on the story of how the two artists started rapping. Gaining in confidence, their storytelling has gotten even better and they served up twice as many superb tracks on the new album. 828 puts a great deal of effort into their creations, carefully crafting music that everybody can party to.

GoldenPrince and DripE, always aiming for perfection, continue to be very detailed with everything they work on. They are carefully considering the fine points of their next project – to create dope music videos with meaningful stories behind them.

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