His Style is on Fire as Nealy Releases Track ‘Hot Pot of Chilly’

For the last 10 years, Justin Nealy, better known as just Nealy, has been making music and sharing his one of a kind style with the world. His most recent track, “Hot Pot of Chilly” has a fun feel to it and is truly perfect whether you are chilling in the car or partying with friends.

Nealy began making music about 10 years ago when he and his friends started putting together tracks on an old computer. “My buddies had all been rapping for a few years and they got me into it, because you know, you are who you hang out with. So they got me into it and we started making music. I thought we were making some pretty good music for the equipment we had – it was really just a broken laptop and a gaming headset for a mic.” Nealy tried to get his friends to join him on his adventure into the industry but ended up as a solo act with a style all his own.

Drawing inspiration from all kinds of music, Nealy has been able to carve his own place in the industry with an energetic and fun feeling. “I use all kinds of music to influence my own stuff. I’ll admit that I’m not very good with names, but I don’t really focus on artists, I just like songs.” Nealy defines his own sound as being different. It is vibey and fun and real. “Even the names of my songs have to be something that can reel you in. It’s just a really fun vibe and something that everyone can be a part of, whether you like dancing to the music or are more into the lyrics or just chilling and listening.”

Nealy’s most recent single, “Hot Pot of Chilly” is the epitome of everything that Nealy stands for. With a title that draws you in, it lines you up to be ready for an entertaining and spontaneous song. “This song is more of an entertainment piece. There is some real stuff in it, but it is mostly pretty light and just fun.” Nealy wrote the song in only a day after inspiration struck. “Putting the song together was a really good time. I was able to have a lot more fun with the ad libs than usual, and I really enjoyed that.”

With tracks like “Hot Pot of Chilly” and many others, Nealy hopes that his music really just brings a little bit of happiness to people’s days. “There’s so much going on this year, I feel like people just need something to build them back up and put a smile on their faces.”

Nealy plans to continue to brighten people’s days with more and more music, including his upcoming release “The Letter Seven.” “This one is a little more real than “Hot Pot of Chilly” but it’s still got a dope groove and a good vibe. It’s hard to explain.” Be sure to keep an eye out for Nealy and his future releases, because they are sure to be just as exciting as these two.

Check out “Hot Pot of Chilly” and Nealy’s social media pages:





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