Hi Love Talks Exclusively with HHW About her Latest Single “Cold Wind” & More

Who are some of your biggest musical influences overall?

Minnie Riperton, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, James Brown, TuPac, Nas, Jay Z, Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill all had a great influence on my love of music and helped to shape my style and my sound. I’m a huge old school and 90’s hip hop fan so these artists are who I built my foundation off of. 

What’s your single “Cold Wind” about?

Cold Wind is about how life can be cold in many ways. Throwing us difficult situations that we have to overcome everyday, the wind is inevitable it hits everybody but it’s how we sustain through it that matters. Cold Wind is also about how some people attract coldness to their lives by their own reckless actions and trying to fit where they don’t. Even worse than that staying in the space where they don’t fit without redirecting themselves in the proper direction. I close out “Cold Wind” in a more aggressive tone pleading to the people that are complacent in the cold wind in hopes that they can move through it and not stya in it!

Who directed the music video? Was the music video fun to make?

“Cold Wind” was shot and directed by a super talented videographer by the name of Chollette. Cold Wind was so much fun to shoot as we rode in a convertible with the top down capturing some of Chicago’s beautiful scenery and visiting ChinaTown and Fulton Market area. Ironically we started to feel the “cold wind” in the evening since we shot in late November lol. One of my favorite parts was shooting on an underground street called Lower Wacker. This is the exact location where Batman was riding his batpod in “The Dark Knight” so that was a really cool moment for me.

What albums are you listening to right now? 

Anderson Paak (Malibu) and Nas (King’s Disease) stay in rotation currently no skips!

How did you navigate your career throughout 2020 with the pandemic situation?

The pandemic is what I considered a “cold wind”. I navigated through the pandemic by pushing myself harder to execute my music goals. I personally know people that were affected by covid whether they actually caught it, lost a loved one from it or lost jobs or other unfortunate things as a result. So I took this energy that affected the entire world and moved with a sense of urgency. I stopped telling myself that I had to wait for the perfect time to release music and I just made it happen. I released an album called “Chicago Amoré” in August 2020 and then recorded “Cold Wind” in October, shot visuals in November and December so I could release top of this year. The pandemic showed me in real time that nothing is guaranteed so it made me get busy and work like any day could be my last day!.  

Do you have big plans for 2021?

I definitely have big plans for 2021! I’m releasing more visuals from “Cold Wind”. I’m also working on virtual productions for this EP while also working on a new project to be released later this year. I’m staying busy and working hard so this will be a year of elevation for Hi Love for sure.

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