[HHW Interview] Rapper Kam Kalloway Releases New Music Under a New Name, Ready to Dominate a New Genre

Interview By Kiera Renee

West Coast Rapper Kam Kalloway released his debut single “Honestly”, a song highlighting his experience with the fakes of the entertainment industry. I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, wait a minute I know Kam, but when I saw him on GQ men’s fashion blog his name was Cam30 or Camryn Howard. That tis true, but in order to be great, we must evolve. For Kam Kalloway, that evolution came in the form of reshaping his identity to match how he truly felt inside. So, this new sound, this new name, it’s all a part of a new movement for Kam that’s already creating buzz in the industry.

I chopped it up with Kam to address the white elephant in the room surrounding his name change, and also to get a feel for the new music. Take a look.

Is Kam Kalloway the alter ego to Camron Howard?

Lol. I guess you could say that. Kam Kalloway is really more of a nickname inspired by Cab Calloway as you may know Pre Covid -19 I maneuvered my way into some dope situations in a lot of large rooms similar to how Cab would move his move his audience in his most popular record” “Minnie the Moocher”.

What was that conversation like with yourself when you decided to rebrand and change your name?

Before this many people new me as CAM30 and most pronounced it just like that but that name was actually given by my mom as Cameo but because of copyrights ect, I added the numbers 30 (EO). There was a point where the sound of my music also completely shifted so that also played a part. I went through a phase of trying out new names that defined me. I kept coming up with these hard ass rap names IE (Kodeine, Kocaine Kam) I knew these probably would stick but might not appeal later down the line so I thought to myself “Ill save those for song or project titles” (haha).

To switch my name up though wasn’t a hard thing for me because when I first started introducing myself to people as Kam Kalloway it stuck with people as if they were already familiar with it and it just had a classy super star ring to it like “John Legend or “Prodigy”.

You’ve always created nice music, so what’s different about the sound that Kam Kalloway brings?

Kam Kalloway is definitely more me and urban. I found when I first started there was a huge concern with my family and management to maintain this safe mainstream type vibe. Kam Kalloway says what he wants and how he feels at the moment. It’s less poetic and more raw now.

Who’s the top 5 songs helping you get through this Quarantine?

1. “By Any Means” (School Boy Q).

2. “Real Friends“ (Kanye West)

3. “Survival of The Fittest” (Mobb Deep)

4. “What to Do” (Don Toliver / Jackboys)

5. Love Angel (Johnta Austin)

You dropped new music, tell us about your new song “Honestly”?

“Honestly” is a record stemming from a concept Kayo Genesis and I made after discussing our disingenuous experiences throughout the entertainment industry. The latest version that features OG Maco (You Guessed It, Doctor Pepper) came from a similar conversation we had after meeting over Instagram.

This song sounds like you’re right in your element. Do you feel that way?

Yea. I’m just glad I get to tell my story. I know everyone can relate to having to hustle everyday and deal with all the bs in route to your goals which is essentially what I’m saying throughout this record.

You and Mozzy are both from Sacramento, have you considered collaborating with him?

Yea. We have a mutual friend “Allyn” who is also from sac and is currently working with him. I reached and never really got a response but it’s something that could be dope in the future if things make sense.

When can we expect the release of the full project?

The “ Young, Wild And High” Ep will be out when it’s ready. I’m not in a rush just focusing on one record at a time for now but ideally this would be done later this year around the 4th quarter.

To listen to “Honestly” click the link below.


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