[HHW Interview] Nita Jonez Is Poised To Be Another Texas Breakout Artist

In 2018, Nita Jonez was handpicked by Pusha T to be apart of the 1800 seconds album. She was on her way to work when Pusha called she mentioned She thought it was a scam so didn’t respond right away. Nita was one of the handpicked 10 artists for the 1800 seconds album. The artist performed her song “Rocking Hills” in New York and Detroit, and recorded the album at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles California. Peep our interview with the rapper below.

What advice would you give to an aspiring artist that wants to follow in your footsteps? 

Nita: Don’t listen to people, always make the last decision.

Is it easy for you to translate your thoughts into songs? 

Nita: Yea writing is a venting mechanism tool for me to keep my head on straight.

What were some of the challenges you faced in the early stages of your career? 

Nita: Rejection… not getting enough attention or recognition because I wasn’t provocative. Through those rejections I realized I can be so transparent in the game. I believe in having a balance entertainers should be able to entertain on any level. It was challenging for people to take me serious for getting studio time, appearances, studio time etc.

What was it like working with Mother Goat these past few months? 

Nita: Well she was bullshitting at first. Them racks I threw on her change that real quick lol. Nawl but she then knew I was serious about my career. She also mentioned she thought I already had management. But the whole time I been managing myself ya feel me.

Where does the inspiration and creativity of your music come from? 

Nita: I’m more creative in the struggle. Music allows me to let go of thoughts, let go of pain. I also get inspired being around other artists. Some people bring out different aspects.

Are you working on any special projects or collaborations that you can tell us about? 

Nita: I’m working on an EP right now which will have a few features on it. This EP will cover different types of emotions and different vibes. I wanna incorporate multiple genres to reach a wider audience. Currently also working on a collective project with The Motherzone. The Motherzone is an independent label founded by Mothergoat. 

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