[HHW Interview] Meetro Discusses Timeless Music, Bistalk & Disrupting The Music Industry

California-based producer MoneyMakinMeetro is the label owner of Timeless Music and CEO of Bistalk. He’s worked on a slew of singles like Glasses Malone’s “2Pac Must Die” and Dom Kennedy’s “Money Don’t Stop” to name a few. Currently, with over 100,000 followers on Instagram, his clients have over 3 million total views since 2017 all powered by his agency digital marketing company. Not to mention, Meetro manages emerging artist Nakina, whom he inked a distribution deal with EMPIRE in 2019.

Since his arrival to the game, he’s proved to be by far one of the more impressive creatives to make a major impact in the music scene.In our recent interview, we sat down with the creative to talk about his childhood, influences, and being a mogul in marketing. Check it out below.

HHW: Walk me through your childhood, what was it like growing up?

Meetro: I was raised in South Central, Ca until the age of 13 with my mom, then I moved out to Moreno Valley in the Inland Empire with my dad to start high school and a change of lifestyle. Living in LA was always rough so my mom sent me out to school in the valley so I learned quickly how to deal with different personalities and how to handle myself around different mixes of people at an early age. A lot of schools in LA in the 90’s weren’t really safe so shoutout to my Mom for looking out for me and choosing schools and areas that gave me a different perspective than my peers. 

HHW: Who were some of your influences then and now?

Meetro: My biggest influence on my life would be my Dad, seeing all he’s accomplished in life being a firefighter, paramedic & physical therapist in Los Angeles the past 30 yrs is nothing short of amazing in my eyes. Also my grandfather David Lynch is a huge influence and inspiration because of the successful music career he had with the singing group The Platters in the 1950’s and 1960’s. After them, musically Kanye West, The Neptunes, Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones are all people i look up to, and on the business side Jay-Z, Diddy, Russell Simmons, Master P, J Prince I have a ton of respect for because they built their movements and empires from the ground up exactly like I’m doing now with my label Timeless Music, I see myself as a younger version of those guys.  

HHW: How did you get into management and social media marketing?

Meetro: I got into social media marketing by my own need for it first! I was struggling to sell beats online as a producer, and I had a lot of placements already with credible artists on the West Coast in California, but a lot of people didn’t know me and my team The Chromatix were actually the ones behind the beats. I knew if I could just target only the fans and audience on social media of the artists we previously worked with, and get them to see our content and page that they would start messaging us about working together. We partnered with a software engineer and developed automation software to spark engagement and interaction on social media specifically Instagram. My inbox began getting flooded with messages, engagement, DM’s non-stop 24/7 all because of automation and target market technology. 

HHW: What are some of the hardships you went through starting your agency?

Meetro: The hardest part of starting a digital marketing agency is getting people to understand the value of micro marketing in the digital age today. There is a stigma around social media that if you pay for any kind of marketing online that you are “paying for followers” which is completely untrue. More people need to understand that they’re Instagram page is like a resume and the content strategy for your brand online should attract people to you and your business with every piece of content you put out to increase your chances of expanding your network and in turn profits for your business/brand. 

HHW: How can your services benefit and help creatives alike?

Meetro: At Bistalk we are the World’s First Agency for specifically creatives and entrepreneurs, mainly because I am both of those as well. Bistalk is built to be a one-stop shop full of options to bring organic, targeted growth to different platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Spotify Playlisting, Soundcloud, Youtube Ad Management, Consulting and plenty more. We will craft a custom campaign catered to the clients monthly budget and focus on the most impactful platforms to bring engagement, awareness, reach and results. All results are back by data and monthly analytic reports as well so the client understands what is happening behind the scenes.  

HHW: Talk about inking a deal for your artist Nakina. How did that all come together?

Meetro: I signed a distribution deal for my label Timeless Music with Empire in 2019 and that came on the strength of my relationship with Glasses Malone and he knew the plan and vision I had for my label and he set up the meeting for me. After showing them the plan, and the results that my agency has brought they gave me the opportunity to show and prove. I discovered my artist Nakina (Instagram: @nakinamonique) because of my agency in October 2018, started developing her sound and released her debut EP “Actions Speak..” in June 2019. We currently have 2 more EP’s finished for her and shooting some music videos and preparing to put that out before the end of the year as well as a compilation called “New Legends Vol.1” hosted by DJD1 coming next month. 

HHW: What advice would you give to creatives looking to follow in your footsteps?

Meetro: I would say just have a plan for what you want to accomplish first, be consistent with your effort, build a team of like-minded individuals to surround yourself with that believe as strongly as you do to keep you motivated and inspired. Be prepared to do a lot of the work yourself and don’t be afraid to build from the ground up. 

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