[HHW Interview] Meet Milwuakee Rapper Looney Babie & Check Out His Latest Ft. YFN Lucci

Milwuakee, Wisconsin recording artist Looney Babie is back. This time joining forces with YFN Lucci for a playlist must-have. No stranger to the game, this young street vet has worked with the best of them, and he took the time to check in with Hip Hop Weekly and drop off his latest with visuals. Check it out below.

HHW: First, we need you to introduce yourself to the readers who may not be familiar with Looney Babie. Tell us a little about yourself.

LB: My name as an artist is Looney Babie….. I’m from Milwaukee, WI. 
Along the way I have met some of the best rappers in the game and some legends. I’ve got features with Lil Boosie, YFN Lucci, Peezy, Low End Zelly, 6F Londo, Low End Zelly and a few more. I’ve recorded songs over beats by Atl Jacob, Emazon the Producer and Merci. I’m signed to Milwaukee’s Hottest record Label BLACKOUT ENTERTAINMENT MKE/EMPIRE RECORDS. My brother is Rapper, Gwapo Chapo, and my latest single is “Look At Me Now” feat. YFN LUCCI.

HHW: When did you first fall in love with music, and how long have you been actively pursuing your dreams in music?

LB: I’ve been rapping since I was younger. I got better as time went on. After my mother passed away, I promised her and myself that I would take this as far as it takes me; and always go hard with real stories of what I’ve seen, done, been through & everything in between. In ’14 I beat a murder case. After that, let’s say I knew in a way I was different. Meant to be here. I was set apart on some levels from people after that. I couldn’t trust nobody really. But it made me work even harder on certain things. I armed myself. Protected mine and my own. Feel me? I evolved into who I am today a little more after that. I don’t glorify my past. But I ain’t gone lie about where I was, where I stand and what I may or may not have done. And I ain’t running from it  (My past) either. That is what makes me stand out I think. It’s hard for dudes to understand that way of thinking. But its made me the person I am right now… I’m gone always be a hustler in principle and a gangsta when it comes to protecting me and mine.

HHW: What differentiates you from other artists?

LB: My sound, style and vocal tone set me apart from everyone else. That’s what I hear the most. That and the stories I rap about. I sing a little bit too on my joints. But being real about it all…. I can bring it on the Mic. I freestyle mostly all of my songs in the booth. The beat takes me where I should go lyrically, on hooks and etc. Feel me? Lotta cats are surprised about that. But that’s how I do it. Then I memorize the songs later for live shows.

HHW: Are there any artists currently or before you that musically inspire you? If so, who and why?

LB: My brother Chapo and my mother’s memory motivate me the most in this sh*t. My brother is locked up right now. Free Gwapo Chapo. He’s a star already. He has features with a ton of Atlanta dudes already. Me and him got some new action too on the way. Basically, I do it for my family which includes my click; Swindle Gang. My other family.

HHW: What motivates Looney Babie in and out of the booth?

LB: I’m inspired by every artist out there grinding hard & being real about what they’re saying. I like a lot of different dudes out here in the game. Its hard to name just one. I respect them all. My Swindle Gang family go the craziest though. Mike Mike, Low End Zelly, Gwapo Chapo, 6F Londo,& my lil homie and label mate, 54 Baby Trey, you feel me? Free 54 Baby Trey by the way…..

HHW: What are three things about you that would shock the public?

LB: How real the stories are that I rap about would shock some people. Those that know me from my city wouldn’t be shocked. But the world will be once they know this sh*t is REAL. I’m in danger for saying that to y’all. Statute of limitations expired on thing or two. Lol 

HHW: What do you feel you contribute to the culture as an artist?

LB: My contribution to the culture will always be my ‘realness’ and my passion on the mic in that booth. I make songs that move people in alot of ways. I got female fans that love Looney Babie & I got goons that mess with me hard everywhere. I noticed the other day how my streaming numbers are heavier in the east coast and in L.A. for some reason. It’s funny that this gangster from Atkinson Avenue in Milwaukee can move people who don’t even know my story until they hear it! I’m blessed brodie. Feel me? So, I’ve gotta say that my realness and ability to tell a story to move people into action and motivate themselves to go get theirs by all means is my contribution to the culture at this age. As I grow older, my contribution to the game will expand. Older and wiser, feel me? I’ll be on something different then. It’s only natural.

HHW: How do you balance your career with your home life? Family?

LB: I got people in my life who understand this grind I’m on. They want me in this game carving out my place. Putting Milwaukee back on the Map for the first time for real, for real, since Coo Coo Cal or Eric Benet blew up on the national scene years ago. My lady got me. My young son got me. My fans got me. All of their support helps me balance all I’ve gotta do to pull off this major move I’m on.

HHW: So what’s next for Looney Babie musically? 2020, 2021 Goals.. lay ‘em out.

LB: My goals for this year and the next are to keep people supporting this movement I’m on. Feel me? My new single with YFN Lucci is out here going crazy. That single introduced my fans to another side of my flow and it put me in the minds of a new National fan base. I’ve got a mixtape I’m about to put out in July called “Swindle Season”. I’ve got a few features with some National cats that I can’t name just yet due to contractual stuff. But it’s going to feature a heavy dose of my Swindle Gang brothers from different mothers, you know what I’m saying? Lol. Upward ascension….. That’s what’s next. Those are my goals family. 

HHW: How can those looking to book you make contact?

LB: I can’t wait until the venues open up again for shows. Before COVID-19 I was on a 23-city tour across America with “Jay Da Youngin”. If you want to book Looney Babie, call Blackout Entertainment MKE @ 414.779.1998. Ask for the Label CEO & my Manager “Black” and get me locked in.

Stream “Look At Me Now” below.

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