[HHW Interview] Georgia Artist Andybemackin Speaks With HHW

HHW: Why did you start to do music?

Andy: I’ve been playing piano since I was a kid. I can’t read music but I’ve always been able to play by ear. In 2015 I got a laptop for college and started making music with Ableton at first and then later on Logic. I love music man. It’s my life. Like, I know it’s what I was put here to do.

HHW: When did you know that it was actually going to be your career?

Andy: I guess about a year ago when I really started taking it seriously and grinding. It’s alot of hard work and dedication. After a few months of grinding with my head down I guess I looked up and said, wow, I’m really doing this.

HHW: If you could get advice from any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

Andy: My first thought was Mac Miller, rip. But for personal reasons honestly and just to talk to him about life and addiction and everything he went through. But I guess if we’re speaking on someone I could actually talk to It’d be Wiz Khalifa, he’s an OG and one of my favorite artists for sure. He’s also been in the game a long time so I’m sure he knows what’s up and could teach me alot!

HHW: What or who influences your music?

Andy: I wouldn’t say I’m inspired by anyone or anything to do music, I mean, I make music because I love it. I know even though I might not know it though, I am influenced by the music I listen to on a daily basis, so, artists like Wiz Khalifa, Tory Lanez, Russ and Lil Baby would definitely be influences. However, heartbreak, depression, and just girl problems and life in general is enough to go through haha I guess that’s my inspiration. I been low and down and I’m never going back. 

HHW: Has anyone helped you or guided you in getting your foot in the industry?

Andy: Yes definitely, my good friends from Projects To Mansions have helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out those guys! 

HHW: Have you ever released an album?

Andy: Yes I have one album out as of right now, Sad. It’s a rough around the edges but it’s a part of my story. However, I plan to drop a crisp, clean, well-put together project this summer that will have my fans, old and new, going crazy. 

HHW: Tell our readers what to look out for next from you?

Andy: I plan to drop another single & a music video before my project in the summer drops. Once the summer hits, we going crazy!

HHW: What differentiates you from other artists?

Andy: If you listen to what I’m saying in my lyrics there is always something to gain, either from my experience or by me simply trying to give inspiration. I preach Self Confidence, Determination, Hard Work, and I always try to inspire and show love where I can! Also my sound is different, and I don’t stick to the same thing every time, for example compare my songs “Wishlist” and “I’m The S**t”.  

HHW: How can promoters looking to book you get in contact with you?

Andy: You can find me (@andybemackin) or (andybemackinmgmt@gmail.com)

HHW: What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry?

Andy: Honestly collaborations. I want to travel and meet people and create amazing music. 

Click Link To Stream “I’m The Shit” https://fanlink.to/imtheshit

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