My story is to be the best version of myself, and the only way I know how to do that is through my music. I can never imagine life without music because a life without music is like being all alone in a dark room.

Brandon Ross

The masses are getting familiar with Brandon and the world is getting acclimated to his music and success. He says that deep down the little boy in him still loves to play video games, he often pictures himself and his children having a family day just to play together. He’s excited to enjoy the fun that life can bring.

His secret to success is to work hard, stay dedicated to his craft and to never let anyone tell him he can’t do something only because they feel that they will not succeed in the same measures of life as him.

His favorite quote states that “You are what you put in”. What that means to him is that if you don’t work hard then you won’t achieve what you have to achieve in life in order to be successful.

Brandon gained an authentic fan base by working hard and rubbing shoulders with the people who are in the music industry. He met his manager Teddy C Money back in 2016 while Teddy was working with GTMG at the time doing artist booking. The two of them linked up and did a few shows together, he opened for Future, Lil Durk and Juicy j.

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