Get Familiar With Compton Producer Mac Warren III

As an influential producer, born in Compton, MacWarren’s production style has been referred to as both powerful and plush. Influenced by musicians like Quincy Jones, MacWarren hopes to make music that causes people to transcend beyond listening to the music but rather, makes them think about life itself. Currently working on a debut album release for @tommy.tamagotchi, he is also busy crafting songs for various well-known artists. His journey in LA has not been an easy one; he understands that in Los Angeles, you have to be exceptional in order to stand out from the crowd. The good side? LA attracts so many talented people who he can work with and learn from throughout his career. First inspired by secular music, he fell in love with the basics because it felt the same as gospel but the lyrics and rhythms were totally different. And he’s ready to get back out to perform some shows; if MacWarren could book five cities to perform for right now it would be LA, Miami, NYC, London and Toronto. The music industry is about to move into another transitionary period and artists like MacWarren are ready to thrive.

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