Get Familiar with C.M.F. Tana “Bring It Here”

East Harlem based rapper, C.M.F. Tana, has been honing his music skills since birth. Both parents filled his life with their own music capabilities. Growing up he was involved in the Canaan Baptist Church choir before going on to command the lead male singer role at his Junior High School, Tito Puente Academy.

C.M.F. began writing down his own lyrics shortly after high school. But it wasn’t until the rapper was incarcerated in 2014 that writing became his savior. Days spent jotting down the life shaping events that he witnessed both at home and in the streets, produced songs like “Everything Gon Be Fine”, where he recognized the need to keep his eyes on the end goal while still having to maintain respect in the streets.

‘Tales from the Crip 1 & 2’ consecutively released in 2018 and 2019, summed up C.M.F. ‘s life of imperfection up to that point. After working for a while solo, he partnered with Mook Maluke from C.O.L.D. ENT at the end of 2020 to produce the singles “Hold Up”, his most streamed single yet and “6 Shots” which aired on Dj Suss One’s iHeart Radio’s Power 105.1 show.  

Infusing hip-hop, rap and r&b, C.M.F. Tana is not afraid to experiment with his sound, often incorporating different genres into his beats to break up the typical trap sound that has flooded the scene.

The work hasn’t stopped for the gritty rapper. Recently signed to Equity/Roc Nation, C.M.F. is rereleasing the single “Bring It Here”  along with the entirety of ‘Tales from the Crip 2’. When C.M.F. is not in the studio working on his debut album “Dark Paradise”, set to be released through Equity/Roc Nation later this year, he is traveling to LA where he has a vastly growing fan base.


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