G Herbo Drops New Single “Statement” Addressing Fraud Charges

Chicago rapper, G Herbo drops a new single titled “Statement,” discussing his recent fraud charges. He puts his own twist on The Diplomat’s legendary song “I really mean it.” 

G Herbo was charged with allegedly using stolen ID’s and credit card information to purchase flights on private jets and trips to Jamaica. 

“Let’s talk about them checks, let’s talk about Jamaica / Ask about me I never been fraud / I went hard from the start, in my city I’m a God / Never been a phony though,” raps G Herbo. 

According to the song, Herbo denies all allegations. He claims to spend most of his time at home. 

“Heard they looking for me, I’m like oh I’m on the way / Bond money, know I’m straight / I spent 130k out the gate / They like swerve stay safe, I’m like man y’all late / Yelling free me, I’m like I’ve been in the crib all day,” raps G Herbo. 

In the midst of the chaos, Herbo’s attorney announced the engagement and pregnancy of Fabolous’ step daughter, Taina Williams. His attorney made a plea to the judge, suggesting that Herbo stays by his pregnant fiancé’s side. Herbo turned himself in on Nov.24 and was released shortly after on bond. 

Despite the allegations, G Herbo has done his fair share in giving back. He mentions purchasing a school. “How the fuck I catch a case, we bought a school (damn) don’t be fooled,” raps G Herbo. It’s safe to say, he feels he’s being set up. 

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